Hello and welcome to another addition of Droppin' Baums! This week I am freshly home from a very interesting Pro Tour. I played Red-Black Aggro to some medium results. I don't necessarily think our list was perfect, but I do think it was the best deck at PT Dominaria. That said, I think it is going to be a deck that is going to be very hated out from here on out. Red-black decks are going to Cannibalize each other to have a good match in the mirror and other control shells are going to swoop in to clean up the mess – so I decided to sleeve up this sweet Green-Blue Stompy deck. I feel it has a decent matchup against Red-Black Aggro and has a great matchup against White-Blue Control with the additions of Negate and Commit // Memory. Check out my good friend Aleksa Terarov's PT deck.

I truly believe Mono-Green Stompy is a straight horrendous deck. That said, it is crazy how big an addition four blue counter spells can be. This list really challenges the two big decks of the format while still being able to attack the randomness. Steel Leaf Champion truly is a beast in this deck and honestly just a fantastic creature all around. Being able to get around pesky Gifted Aetherborn and Gonti, Lord of Luxury out of the control shell is imperative for attacking through Blue-Black Midrange decks. Being able to attack through all the small creatures in Mono-Red is a must as well. Steel Leaf Champion really does it all. The deck still has problems with Glorybringers, but what deck doesn't have that problem? I think this is going to be a great deck looking forward towards the next few Standard GP's and the Invitational this weekend! Let's take a peek at the sideboard guide!

Sideboard Guide

This matchup really comes down to being able to get aggressive enough to play around Settle the Wreckage when you can and also recognizing when you don't have the luxury to play around the powerful spell. You can't be afraid to go all-in when you are not drawing follow-up plays. This is not the type of deck that can out grind out control like Red-Black Aggro can. This being said, this deck hits much harder and can finish games much easier after sideboard.

This matchup is not an easy one. If they curve out into Glorybringer it is very hard to win. If they ever stumble at all or you get a game one Ghalta and protect it, that is lights out for them. One big heads-up play is to always try to leave Heart around to protect from the Glorybringer turn, its the main way we have to deal with the powerful Dragon.

This matchup is much easier in the sense that we get to play all of our creatures out and not fear a Wrath of God effect. It does get harder in the sense that The Scarab God is insanely good against us. You really have to get an aggressive start or draw one of the Commit // Memory to be able to deal with that monster.

This matchup comes down to being able to interrupt them from going nuts with Snake long enough to be able to pull a T-Pain and get yourself on a BOAT! Our creatures are bigger than theirs but their removal is better. It's a very close matchup.

I have been a little less attentive on the comments the last few weeks due to the Pro Tour and the testing that led up to it, but I am back and have plenty of time to chat! Leave your comments and let me know what you all think of this deck and the direction of the format. I am always ready to talk about how Goblin Chainwhirler was a mistake! Go drop some Baums' friends! See you next week!

Corey Baumeister