Hello and welcome to another addition of Droppin' Baums! This week we are switching back to the wonderful world of attacking and not a single card attacks better right now then Adanto Vanguard. Is this the best Adanto Vanguard deck? It for sure might be! Boros Aggro definitely has the speed aspect on its side but this GW list has power.

This deck is from the World Magic Cup champions, France! In particular Jammot Timothee was the creator of this masterpiece. I was watching them play through their Top 8 matches and round after round I would see Jammot cast March of the Multitudes, followed up by Flourish, followed by a hand shake. He just made it look way too easy! The one thing that this deck does so well is abuse the convoke mechanic. Green-White Tokens has the best of all worlds, Conclave Tribunal, March of the Multitudes and Venerated Loxodon, which really creates so many situations where you get to have a turn that is just disgusting. When I say disgusting, I am talking about being able to play spells and then convoke for some bonus "free spells."

Sideboard Guide

Izzet Drakes

This matchup is quite good. Any matchup where Adanto Vanguard is a good time usually makes for an easy matchup. I take out March to hedge on them bringing in board sweepers like Fiery Cannonade.

White Aggro

This is a good matchup. They beat you down with a lot of the same cards but, we have March of the Multitude to go over the top.


This matchup is close, but I do think we are a dog in the matchup. Find // Finality is just way too backbreaking to recover from most of the time. Vivian Reid is also very hard to pressure.

Jeskai Control

This matchup can be tough. I think Jeskai is just the best deck. This fact makes it tough to deal with. Loxodon does not help very much since the cards we are making bigger are at best 2/2's. This makes it so we still can't get out of range of Deafening Clarion with the powerful five-drop.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you next week! Have a wonderful holiday season everyone!

Corey Baumeister