Hello and welcome to another addition of Droppin' Baums! This week we are looking at one of my favorite decks in Modern, with a nice little twist: Green-White Tron! I think Mono-Green Tron is actually not in a very good place in Modern right now. The deck just gets exploited by the hyper-fast Modern decks in the metagame right now. That's why we must adapt to make Tron great again! I think aggressive decks like Burn, Humans and Hollow One can be very difficult matchups. I also think Bridgevine, KCI and Storm are also very troublesome matchups. So, I have decided to put a three-of in the sideboard to completely warp both of those matchups back into our favor.

Timely Reinforcements absolutely wrecks the aggressive matchups. Being able to play a spell that not only gains you a significant amount of life but also gives you a bunch of chump blockers is fantastic! The same can be said about how amazing Rest in Peace is against KCI, Vengevine and Storm. Being able to play a card for two mana that just wins the game is exactly what you want to be doing against those matchups that are just a little faster than us. Check out my take on Green-White Tron.

I only got to utilize the sideboard cards for round two, but it safely won me one of the games. While Rest in Peace is a very powerful card, it also does some damage to our own deck. It does shut down the draw effect from Chromatic Star. Not a huge deal, but make sure to always play the Chromatic Star first if you bring in the powerful sideboard card. Rest in Peace also doesn't work well with Wurmcoil Engine. That is not as big of a deal, mainly because, Wurmcoil comes out against every matchup you want to bring in Rest in Peace anyways, with the exception of Hollow One. Tron really has game against absolutely every deck in the metagame with these powerful additions to the deck. The biggest downside to this build is in the mirror, which you will notice was a little devastating in round one. Not having a bunch of Ghost Quarters and Surgical Extractions does make it a lot harder to gain a substantial advantage. Most of the time, I think it is all about who can draw better anyway, so I don't think it is that huge of a problem.

Sideboard Guide


This matchup is always a fun and interactive but favorable one. The name of the game is survival until you cast an Oblivion Stone and just win. The card is at its best in this matchup. Walking Ballista is also just a house against them.

Blue-Based Control

This is the reason to play the deck. Tron absolutely destroys Control. You just have all the time in the world to assemble and abuse Tron. You just have to watch out for Damping Sphere slowing you down too much. That is the reason to have all the Natures Claims and Oblivion Stones.


These matchups are all about RiP to stop them from immediately killing you, and then finishing the game off with an Emrakul, the Promised End. I have combo killed plenty of opponents by controlling their turns. :)

Hollow One

This matchup is all about just playing giant creatures that gain you life and casting Oblivion Stones. As long as your opponent doesn't have a super-fast start like two Hollow Ones or a huge Flameblade Adept, you are usually in good shape. The sideboard cards really flips the percentages into our favor by a lot!

Modern is all about having the powerful hate cards that just wreck your opponent. I believe this deck truly has all the answers. Whether it is the giant spells that some decks like Jund, Abzan and control just can't deal with or the fantastic backbreaking sideboard slots that I have utilized to deal with the matchups that give us problems, I believe Green-White Tron is a fantastic choice looking forward! Enjoy casting turn three Karn, my friends! Next week will be the deck I choose to play for GP LA! Good luck to everyone competing and thank you so much for watching!

See you next week,

Corey Baumeister