Hello and welcome to another addition of Droppin' Baums! This week we are looking at a deck that is a product of a shifting metagame. This deck would have gotten absolutely destroyed in the first week of this Standard – having to play against an absurd amount of Esper Control and Sultai Midrange round after round would be an absolute beating. Really big creatures tend to be much better against the small creatures of the format like White Aggro and Mono-Blue.

This deck is coming to be because of the rise of MonoBlue Tempo. The first time I saw this deck all I could think about was how badly it crushes the powerful blue creatures. Is that enough in a format lead by Mono-Blue? That's what I came to find out!

This deck was brought to us by the powerful magician Ben Weitz on the latest deck dump on MTGO. I found some things I liked about the deck and I found some things I did not like about the deck. Some positives. Collision // Colossus overperformed for me just about every time I drew it. I thought the card would have been horrible against non-flying creature decks, I was wrong. It gives you some great flexibility in combat. I also absolutely love Kraul Harpooner right now. Some of the negatives. This deck does not have flood protection at all. If your curve isn't good, you really have to hope you draw well off the top. If you don't, the deck doesn't feel very strong. There is no card advantage besides the Vivian Reids in the sideboard. Maybe that is a good reason to bring them into the main deck – the card is good! Let's check out this list!

Sideboard Guide

Vs. White Aggro

Vs. Esper Control

Vs. Nexus of Fate Decks

Sultai Midrange


I want to thank you so much for reading. I am off to play MagicFest Memphis. Make sure to come and say hello! See you all next week!

~Corey Baumeister