Hello and welcome to another addition of Droppin' Baums! This week we are going to be switching it up a little bit. due to the Pro Tour you can imagine it would not be the smartest move to showcase my Pro Tour deck on this column – although that will be coming next week! Instead I wanted to bring you a true powerhouse in Modern: Hollow One. I personally think this deck has game against everything, which is imperative in Modern. I got this list from my good friend and all-around superstar Owen Turtenwald. Let's check out the list!

The main difference from standard lists is the inclusion of Lingering Souls. This card really gives you another dimension to the deck – being able to throw down some blockers against Affinity when you're racing, spreading the board with flyers against control or being able to still attack through a Leyline of the Void are just a few of the strengths of this card.

With that said, we are still a Hollow One deck and we are still trying to play as many 4/4s on turn one as possible. The deck is high variance in the sense that your Goblin Lores and Burning Inquiry can just leave your hand lacking in some form, but if you are okay with the swings I highly recommend picking up this deck. If you are the type that gets frustrated when faced with swings, this is not the deck for you.

Some things I learned from the games. Hollow One is a very difficult deck to sideboard against. It attacks from so many directions that just one type of interaction isn't enough. If they bring in graveyard hate, you just attack with Hollow Ones. If they bring in a bunch of spot removal and ways to kill Hollow One, you grind them out with Bloodghast and Flamewake Phoenix. Experienced players that come packing both kinds of hate will usually get us.

Sideboard Guide

It is impossible to list every matchup in Modern – that would make this write up about 15 pages long. One thing I can do is list matchups in blocks based on styles of the decks. That is the beauty of Hollow One – we don't have specific strategies against specific decks. We do certain things based on what our opponent is trying to do to us. With this being said each matchup has some small differences and should be looked at accordingly.

Affinity and Small Creature Decks

(Lingering Souls can come out against Elves and decks like Humans)

These types of matchups come down to us changing roles and becoming the control player. Being able to eat up creatures with Grim Lavamancer while still progressing the board is big game. These matchups tend to be pretty easy for us.


We don't have much in the sideboard for these matchups because it is already a pretty good matchup. Jeski Control can be hard if they have double Path to Exile for your first two big monsters. They are really forced to have it though, or they just lose in the first few turns.


(on the play you can think about leaving in all 4 Flameblade Adept and taking out some Bolts)

It's a crapshoot matchup. If you get your Leyline of the Void down and they don't, you're probably going to win.


All these matchups come down to is who can goldfish faster. You want to make your deck as fast as possible. Lingering Souls is not the card that spells out quickness.

Let me know about specific matchups and I can always try to respond when I can.

Thank you all so much for watching/reading! I will see you next week with the Baum deck I choose for Pro Tour Dominaria, hope to see you there!

- Corey Baumeister