Hello and welcome to another addition of Droppin' Baums! This week we are taking a break from Standard to dive into the diverse world of Modern. Eli Kassis absolutely dominated GP Oakland this last weekend, even in the face of FOUR KCI decks in the Top 8. Is Izzet Phoenix that much better than every deck? Is Eli just way better than all of us? Can this deck be more powerful than KCI? These are all questions that I wanted answered, so I gave this beast of a deck a spin.

What really gets me excited about this deck is it is not all-in on one particular strategy. It's not just an aggro deck. It's not just a graveyard deck. It is not just a combo deck. It is some kind of fusion concoction that attacks your opponent and the metagame at so many different angles. It's similar to Hollow One – it has a free creature in the form of Arclight Phoenix and it also gets to play one of the best cards in Modern in Faithless Looting. Faithless Looting is as close to a busted card you can get without needing the banhammer. Watch the videos and notice how many hands are unplayable until you notice you have a looting.

This deck is an absolute blast to play and it is becoming a serious force, moving forward in the Modern metagame.

Sideboard Guide


Game one isn't easy, but post board the matchup gets a lot better. The trick is when to use Surgical Extraction. Wait until it messes with a loop, don't just take something for value.

Vs. Humans

This deck is all about creature control. Reflector Mage can be quite annoying to deal with. No matter what you do with Thing in the Ice, the nasty little Mage gets in our way. You need to prioritize killing them.

Vs. Tron

This is one of the tougher matchups. You can be faster than them, but you really have to keep an aggressive hand. Post-board, you get to remind them to bring in Nature's Claim for game three after they bow down to Blood Moon!

Vs. Jeskai Control

This matchup is very close, but we are advantaged. Trust me, I moved over from being a Jeskai Control player to this deck for this matchup. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoy bringing back Phoenixes on turn two as much as I did!

See you next week,

Corey Baumeister