Hello and welcome to another edition of Droppin' Baums! Mono-Green is back with a vengeance. It always seems that this classic strategy always comes in to give a metagame a reality check. Anytime creature decks are starting to take over, Ghalta, Primal Hunger comes down to make sure they are extinct. Unfortunately for the Elder Dinosaur, control matchups don't feel quite as good with this deck. Ghalta, Primal Hunger basically becomes a dead card when your opponent is killing the rest of your Mono-Green army. This deck does have some tools against control in the form of Vine Mare. If you can land the powerful horse after a Kaya's Wrath, they are forced to have another one or die on the spot. But, let's get real they always have the second one!

I had to do a triple take when I saw Blanchwood Armor pop up in a decklist. That card was in my first ever magic deck 11 years ago! That's some finely aged tech. Let's check out this list courtesy of Bertram!

Sideboard Guide

Vs. W/U Aggro

Vs. Esper Control

U/G Nexus of Fate

Vs. Sultai Midrange

Vs. Mono-Blue

Vs. Red

This deck was an absolute delight to play. If you like outclassing your opponent's creatures and attacking for absurd amounts of damage then this is the deck for you! Thanks for reading everyone!

See you next week,

Corey Baumeister