Hello and welcome to another addition of Droppin' Baums! This week we are looking at one of the most aggressive strategies in Standard: Red-White Tokens. Tokens historically has always been the best "go wide" way to win a game. It is a strategy that doesn't care that your opponent's creatures may be better, this strategy cares that you just have more of them. Quantity over quality. Historically, this plan has worked – and it has worked quite well, I have to say. Unfortunately for today's world we must face Goblin Chainwhirler. Chainwhirler is a card that just completely shuts down the strategy. It is unfortunate when one card can do that to an entire strategy but that is a conversation for another day. Today is all about this sweet deck by Mark Webb.

Wow, did this deck impress me! The games I won didn't even feel remotely close. The games I lost were all because of Goblin Chainwhirler, which I was expecting to be the case. Heroic Reinforcements is such a powerful card. Being able to cast History of Benalia into Heroic Reinforcements is 10 damage on its own, IN ONE ATTACK STEP! That's a lot of power to be gained for such a small amount of commitment.

Most of the cards synergies very well with each other, except for some of the creatures not being Knights to work well with History of Benalia. This deck is a nice reaction to where the metagame is heading. Control is on the rise and Black-Red Aggro is on the downhill slope – by that I mean that it isn't 40% of the metagame like it has been in the past. It may be down to around 25% now. If this trend continues, this could be a very good choice moving forward into Grand Prix Richmond! Let's check out the sideboard guide!

Vs. Disallows

This is the reason to play the deck. This matchup is an absolute beating, especially against Esper Control. White-Blue Control can get a little bit more tricky since they have Fumigate and Settle the Wreckage, but still the deck is just too fast and attacks at too many different angles for control to keep up.

Vs. Steal Leaf Stompy

Interacting is usually not what you want to be doing, but this matchup is all about making sure you don't lose to Steel Leaf Champion and Ghalta. If that doesn't happen, you have a very good chance of being able to go wide pretty easily. This deck just generates way too many creatures for the green deck to keep up with.

Vs. Black-Red Aggro

This is your toughest matchup. Goblin Chainwhirler is public enemy number one! Tokens just simply does not have the tools to be able to deal with such a powerful effect. Most of the games that are won either have to deal with "hoping" they dont have it or being able to cast Hazoret the Fervent. There is no secret for the matchup, its rough!

Vs. Turbo Fog

I think this matchup all depends on if they have Settle the Wreckage or not. Fogs are not as big of a deal because they really need one every turn past turn four. That's just too fast for people to deal with even with Fog effects.

If you like hyper aggressive decks like Mono-Red Wizards, you should seriously give this one a try. I believe it is faster and more effective, if you don't run into the chainfather of course!

See you next week,

Corey Baumeister