Hello and welcome to another addition of Droppin' Baums! This week I am bringing you one the most interesting decks to come out of a "solved" Standard metagame.

Sifter Wurm Ramp takes advantage of aftermath cards to reveal a split card to gain 9-10 life each time you cast a Wurm – take that, red deck! While it gets to gain a bunch of life effortlessly, it also gets to cast some of the most powerful spells in the format. Hour of Promise hasn't been getting a lot of love in Standard right now; the plain and simple truth is a five-mana sorcery just isn't great in the face of this countermagic/Glorybringer world. It has always been the case that you could get a bunch of mana very quickly, but the format was really lacking something powerful like an Ulamog to finish the game off. That is, until our scaly green friend Sifter Wurm hit the scene! Hour of Devastation is another card that hasn't seen much love lately, and here we get to play the full four! Check out this sweet Sifter Wurm list.

I can't remember the last time I had this much fun playing a deck. Sure, you can just get run over while you are trying to ramp, but when you get up there in mana you have so many decisions to make – you are in control of your own destiny. I am used to people conceding when I play Sifter Wurm and reveal a Sifter Wurm in Limited! Who would have guessing it was good enough in Standard?! This deck goes from just staying alive to killing your opponent very quickly.

If you don't expect a lot of control at your local metagame this is a fantastic choice to take down those aggressive decks! Let's check out the sideboard guide!

Sideboard Guide

Red Aggro

+2 Chandra's Defeat
+2 Pelakka Wurm
+2 Sorcerous Spyglass
+1 The Mirari Conjecture

-3 Abrade
-4 Commit // Memory

This matchup all comes down to this deck's worst enemy: Chandra, Torch of Defiance. It is the single most important card to deal with. If its loyalty gets out of Chandra's Defeat and Hour of Devastation range, you are pretty much toast. Otherwise both Hours pull a serious amount of weight in this matchup!


+2 Negate
+1 The Mirari Conjecture
+2 Carnage Tyrant
+2 Sorcerous Spyglass
+2 Pelakka Wurm

-2 Magma Spray
-3 Abrade
-4 Hour of Devastation

This is the deck's worst matchup. We simply just don't have enough threats that need to resolve to win the game. That means our control players can be very selective when it comes to what they want to counter. The main thing to accomplish in this matchup is to resolve an Hour of Promise and immediately get an Arch of Orazca and start getting to work.


+2 Magma Spray
+2 Pelakka Wurm

-1 Thaumatic Compass
-2 Commit // Memory
-1 Abrade

This matchup is pretty good. Having four ways to wreck the board is a very big deal, especially when you can do it as early as turn four. Steel Leaf Champion can be a bit of a problem if resolved early enough. When in doubt just play a 7/7 and gain 10 life, it tends to help a lot!

Gift Decks

+1 Abrade
+2 Negate

-3 Thaumatic Compass

This matchup can be a bit rough as well. We may have a lot of answers to God-Pharaoh's Gift, but unfortunately we just don't pressure them very fast. Scavenging Grounds is a very important card but it is still something they can dance around quite easily. I have been playing Gift a lot lately and killing the early creatures is very important so they can't rebuild their graveyard after we activate Scavenging Grounds.

Well that's it for this week folks! Tomorrow the Pro Tour begins! Wish me luck, and hopefully I will have a special trophy version of Droppin' Baums next week!

See you then,

Corey Baumeister