Hello and welcome to another addition of Droppin' Baums! This week we finally get to take the jump into the brave new world of MTG Arena. Arena is the future of Magic. You can play games faster and cleaner and they are more exciting than playing on Magic Online. Not only is this great for the people like myself that have been playing the game for half their life, but this is also great for the game in general. MTG Arena is breaking down barriers that MTGO couldn't touch. That is what I have always strived for when it comes to the content that I bring you. I want to break down barriers. I want to always be upping the game redefining what great standard content looks like. Basically, I want to be always DROPPIN' BAUMS on you!

I figured the best deck to showcase on MTG Arena for the first time would be Temur Pod. Not only is this deck very good, but it has some cards that have some of the coolest animations in the world of Arena. You will have to check out the videos to see what I am talking about. Temur pod features one of Ravnica Allegiances new allstars, Prime Speaker Vannifar. The new Birthing Pod that allows us to play a toolbox of creatures that apply in different situations. Sailor of Means might not be Rogue Refiner level and Biogenic Ooze may not be Glorybringer, but we are sure close to that power level.

Now, take the sideboard guide with a grain of salt. It is week one without an established metagame. I added the decks that I have seen rise to the top in this early MTG Arena metagame.

Sideboard Guide

Mono Red Aggro

Turbo Fog

White Aggro

That's it for week one of Standard. I'm sure I will look back at this list and laugh at how bad it is in three weeks. But, for now this deck seems to me like a powerhouse and a true force to be reckoned with moving forward. I hope you enjoyed the shift to MTG Arena. I would love to hear from you in the comment section about this new format!

See you next week,

Corey Baumeister