Hello and welcome to another addition of Droppin' Baums! This week I am taking a first look at a very powerful creature; Thief of Sanity is going to be stealing games at GPs and Pro Tours for years to come. The card is really, really good in this deck. Having an upgrade from Shadowmage Infiltrator in your 75 just doesn't feel like fair Magic. Aaron Barich created this beauty and I made a few changes and gave it a spin. Check it out!

This deck plays out like Ken Yukuhiro's deck from Worlds 2018. The deck just feels so powerful when you don't have to play from behind. Anytime you can untap with a Thief of Sanity or a creature with Curious Obsession on it, the game is just over.

The deck does have weaknesses. Falling behind with this deck is almost impossible to come back from. The deck it falls behind the most would be Mono-Red Experiment. Let's check out the sideboard guide!

Vs. Mono-Red Aggro

This matchup is not easy. You really have to get a little lucky and just hope they don't have Goblin Chainwhirler at some point. After board, it gets much better when you get to play like a midrange deck instead of an all-in deck.

Vs. B/G Midrange

This is the new hot deck on the block. The nice thing is we have a good matchup against this week-one superstar! Cards like Dead Weight post-board make the matchup a bit harder, but overall we usually have enough time to assemble a card advantage creature and start taking over the game. On the draw I was losing to explore creatures, so bringing in Moment of Craving really helped!

Vs. W/G Tokens

This is one of our better matchups. They really can't do much about your creatures besides Conclave Tribunal, and there are 10 cards to deal with that pre- and post-board. Name of the game is play one and protect it till the finish line!

Vs. Control

This is the type of decks we exploit easily!

One thing I learned this week is that Aaron Barich knows how to play decks that turn little creatures into big scary threats. This deck is not a perfect build yet by any means, but it sure has some strong potential! Thank you so much for watching and see you next week for more new standard magic action!

See you next week,
Corey Baumeister