Hello and welcome to another addition of Droppin' Baums! This week I am taking a walk into uncharted territory. A land so riddled with mystery and power. A place more open than the great plains of North Dakota. A place where a Standard deck becomes a child's play toy. Modern and Legacy decks are told, "you must never go to that shadowy place, it's dangerous." This shadowy place I am speaking of is, of course, Vintage Magic!

This is a format I have never played before the start of this week. That is a decision that I seriously regret. This format is a blast! Every game has such crazy stuff going on, and every decision matters, A TON! With the help of Andreas Petersen, who was runner up in the Vintage Super League this last year; I can honestly say I found a new favorite format. Let's check out this list by Andreas Petersen (or Ecobaronen on MTGO!)

While I don't have a lot of experience with the deck, I do believe Paradoxical Outcome is by far the most important card in the format. It just does the most messed up things with access to all five Moxen and a bunch of other cheap artifacts. Any deck that didn't have Paradoxical Outcome felt like a very easy matchup. The only thing that gave us a remote amount of trouble would have been when we are on the draw against Shops. They still need to draw perfectly to be able to put us in a bad spot, though. I would get into more of the details of the deck, but we saved that for the Deck Tech where me and Andreas took an in-depth look into this powerhouse list. Let's check out the sideboard guide courtesy of Andreas Petersen.

Sideboard Guide

Hurkyl's Recall is a blank while Vampiric Tutor is card disadvantage against his smattering of countermagic and Blightsteel Colossus is a liability thanks to three copies of Dack Fayden in their deck. We add some resilient threats that dodge Flusterstorm and Pyroblast and try to play a grindier game where our Night's Whispers in the main deck will shine. Karn will hopefully put us over the top card advantage wise or put a fast clock on them. Expect them to have a couple of Stony Silences on top of all their cheap disruption.

Against Shops, there are two viable routes to victory. The first one is to overpower them before they establish their locks and fast clock, and the second one is casting a Hurkyl's Recall and try and win immediately after. Against non-blue decks, you don't need the grindy aspect of Night's Whisper, and Flusterstorm is obviously a dead card vs. the artifact-packed menace. We get to add a few more basic lands to help build our mana base for sideboarded games and play around their Wasteland package and Sphere of Resistance effects.

If left uncontested, Dredge will end the game on the second or third turn a lot of the time, so we have to act accordingly. You can either race them with a quick Time Vault/Voltaic Key combo or Blightsteel Colossus, and for sideboarded games you have a bunch of hate available that they need to deal with to win. You can get rid of the Library for sideboarding, because you don't have much time unless you're winning anyway, and they will not attack your mana base so cutting a land is fine. Even though Counterspells are not super effective against their Game Plan on paper, protecting your graveyard hate post-sideboard is super important unless you have a fast hand.

The strategies against these pseudo-mirrors are very similar, except I want the Tinker package against the Esper version with Kambal in their sideboard. Kambal is the MVP when it comes to tipping a combo matchup in your favor, since it punishes the opposing player every time they even cast a cantrip or Mox. Tinkering up a huge robot is a great answer for this problem. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Blightsteel Colossus will get snatched by Dack Fayden against Grixis, so keep an eye out for your opponent's color combination. In this matchup you want to quickly identify whether you are the combo or control deck and act accordingly. Game two of the last match in the videos will give you a good idea about what I mean where Corey and I had an interesting choice with our Merchant Scroll.

Sultai will try and stop you in your tracks using Counterspells, Thoughtseize, Wasteland, Leovold, Emmisary of Trest, and Null Rod and finish the game with Deathrite Shaman activations and slow beats from Snapcaster Mage. They have all the right tools to beat you, so aim to go off quickly before you get buried under a smattering of disruptive elements. Leovold is a super powerful hatebear that shuts down most of your deck, leaving you with all your win conditions as the only business spells aside from Dig Through Time – which technically doesn't draw cards – at your disposal. Out of these, Vault/Key combo and Monastery Mentor gets dealt with by Abrupt Decay meaning that Tinker into Blightsteel Colossus is your best bet. Karn helps out a lot, and their deck is beatable as long as they don't resolve Leovold.

Thank you so much for checking out this special edition of Droppin' Baum's, next week we are back WITH NEW STANDARD!!!

See you then,

Corey Baumeister