Hello and welcome to another addition of Droppin' Baums! This week we are diving into a spicy brew that beat me on Magic Online so many times I just had to give it a shot. White-Blue Auras is a deck idea that was given to me by Omar Valencia or _OVC_. This is a deck that creates tough to deal creatures and straps them with a bunch of enhancing enchantments. Sound familiar? Of course, I am talking about Bogles. Everyone's favorite deck from modern has finally made its way to Standard! There may not be any hexproof creatures in the deck, (thank god) but there are certain creatures that seem close enough. Adanto Vanguard is the point guard of the deck and it sure doesn't disappoint! Check out this masterpiece.

That's right, you are reading that correctly. Dominaria Limited staple Arcane Flight has finally made it to Standard. While some of the cards seem underpowered, the deck really has a very smooth feel to it. It is a deck that needs to be aggressively mulliganed, similar to Bogles in Modern. You need to have a good combination of creatures and auras. Too much of one or the other and the deck does absolutely nothing. On the other hand, some of the combinations leave you attacking for four damage on turn two and drawing two cards. It is one of the most high-risk, high-reward decks in the format. The reason I like this deck is it preys on the two of the most popular decks in the format: red decks and Esper Control.

Sideboard Guide

Esper Control is a much easier matchup since you can always protect yourself during your turn without fearing your opponent is going to have a Wrath waiting for you next turn. You have to play around a lot more things. Overall, it's a very easy matchup. Your counters cost less than theirs, and your enchantments cost less than their removal. That's just math at its finest!

The Turbo Fog matchup is nowhere near as good of a matchup as the control matchups are. The Turbo Fog matchup is a trainwreck. You are not fast enough to pressure them effectively and they have cheap answers that get paired together with card advantage, not a great combo for us.

This matchup is one of the tougher ones. They produce too big of creatures to race effectively. This really is a very die roll-dependent matchup. Adanto Vanguard and Squire's Devotion really can do some good work. Post-board, it all comes down to keeping Ghalta off the table for as long as possible.

This matchup can get rough if you can't assemble the right type of cards. If you can manage to get Adanto Vanguard with just about anything on it, you are usually in good shape. Red decks have a serious problem with that card.

That's it for this week. I hope you enjoyed this sick brew as much as I did! Good luck to everyone playing in GP Detroit. I'll see you there! Come say hello!

See you next week,

Corey Baumeister