Oath of the Gatewatch is an amazing set. When cards were first getting spoiled I was very skeptical, but now that we have the whole puzzle the set looks sweet! Today I'd like to talk about the possibility of a B/R Eldrazi Aggro deck and just a big mana colorless deck that tries to abuse Walker of the Wastes. I won't be giving sideboards since I'm not really sure what to play in my sideboard. Also these decks are not tested but they should provide a decent place for you to start testing if you want to play such a deck.

So let's start with B/R Eldrazi Aggro shall we?


The point of this deck is pretty simple: to reduce your opponent's life total to zero as fast as possible. Let's break the deck down and go over some of these new cards!

Reaver Drone: The best one drop we have in these colors. We want to see this in all our opening hands. Reaver Drone's drawback of losing one life if you control no other colorless creature isn't that big of a deal since we are trying to kill our opponent's quickly and all the creatures in our deck are colorless.

Forerunner of Slaughter: This card was seeing some play even before Oath of the Gatewatch. After Oath though I believe this card will be a centerpiece in any B/R Eldrazi aggro deck. Forerunner of Slaughter is basically a different Flinthoof Boar with upside since it can give any creature you play after it haste. One of the best aggressive creatures in the deck.

Eldrazi Mimic: A two mana 2/1 isn't that impressive, but the Mimic can make up for it as soon as you play a Dust Stalker or Reality Smasher. It can be kind of like a mini combo in that regard, especially if you have multiple Mimics out and you're just waiting for the right time to attack with two or three 5/5s.

Bearer of Silence: This card reminds me a lot of Gatekeeper of Malakir. It does cost one more mana to Kick but it's also a 2/1 flier. Malakir wasn't that impressive as a 2/2 body. A 2/1 flier is much better and I don't mind playing this guy on curve to put some pressure on my opponent. A solid card in this deck.

Matter Reshaper: I would say this card is in the top three best cards in the set. It reminds me a lot of Bloodbraid Elf, I know it's not nearly the same thing but it's still really, really good. In this deck it has a high percentage to hit a permanent and put it directly into play. Worst case Scenario is you hit a land? Even that can be really good depending on the game state. Keep an eye on this card, it's going to do some great things.

Sludge Crawler: The worst card in the deck, but I really feel like you want a total of eight one-drops in this aggro deck. Sadly, we can't do anything with the Ingest this little guy can provide for us. This card could be Bonded Construct but I feel like Bonded Construct just won't cut it in this deck. Luckily we are also playing Ghostfire Blade which can give this baby Eldrazi a nice little pick me up.

Dust Stalker: Time to dust your Dust Stalkers off. This card can do some real work and in this deck. A 5/3 Haste that can also pick up a Ghostfire Blade can and will easily kill any opponent out of nowhere. The "drawback" of returning to your hand if you control no other colorless creatures can sometimes be a good thing, especially if our opponents are playing sorcery speed removal like Ruinous Path and/or Crux of Fate. If this deck picks up this guy will be as staple in the deck.

Reality Smasher: Reality Smasher is disgusting, in a good way. It costs five mana but it might be correct to just run four of him. I won't know until I play the deck more and see how it does but just like Dust Stalker, Reality Smasher can close out a game with haste. It's also an amazing top deck if both players are in a top deck battle. It will force midrange and control opponents to hold extra cards if they want to Remove it. I'm sure many players will die because they will forget to hold extra lands in their opening hands when this card is in the opponent's deck and die horribly. Most players will make this mistake once and then never again. This is a bit off topic but Reality Smasher will also be very good in the Black Eldrazi deck in Modern!

Ghostfire Blade: Ghostfire Blade will attach to any creature in our deck for one mana. Bonesplitter was played way back in the day in old standard and this card is just a better Bonesplitter in our deck. It will turn the smallest of creatures into threats. Auto include in this type of deck in my opinion.

Spatial Contortion: Nameless Inversion is now colorless. This isn't the best removal spell by any means but removal is hard to come by these days. It's also colorless removal so we can't really complain. It kills Warden of the First Tree, Mantis Rider, Jace, Vryn's Prodigy, and Sylvan Advocate when that card starts seeing play.

Crumbling Vestige: This along with pain lands will allow us to have an abundant amount of colorless mana for our spells. It also helps us cast our colored spells since it provides any color of mana the turn you play it. It's kind of like a strange Tendo Ice Bridge.

Corrupted Crossroads: This is the best land in our deck. It's a Mana Confluence that can also add colorless mana, we literally can't ask for anything better than that. Even if we are just two colors, I wouldn't run less than four of these.

Sea Gate Wreckage: I'm not sold on this card in this deck, but it does give us some late game potential. The only problem is we can't just burn out our opponents so I'm not sure how good it will be. I do want to test it however and find out.

Ruins of Oran-Rief: Not as powerful as Oran-Rief, the Vastwood, but it still grows a guy. We don't have a Mutavault type card that we can play in this deck so I just went to Ruins of Oran-Rief for that type of utility.

Again, I think this is a fantastic place to start your deck for B/R Eldrazi aggro. It seems as if we have a lot of the pieces for the deck to do well. However, I wouldn't be surprised to see a U/B Eldrazi aggro deck or even Grixis aggro. Blue would give us some fliers and a lord-type creature in Ruination Guide. I could also see Herald of Kozilek doing work by reducing the cost of all our spells; I could get behind a four- or three-mana Reality Smasher...could you?

The next deck I'd like to talk about is a colorless ramp deck of sorts. I'm not sure how good this deck is but it's basically just trying to ramp using colorless spells and it tries to abuse Walker of the Wastes by running a high number of Wastes. This is a rough draft of the deck and where I would start.


Where's Wurmcoil Engine when you need it? I guess we'll settle with Reality Smasher and a huge Walker of the Wastes. Not sure how good Walker of the Wastes is but there is only one way to find out, and that's by playing it. Let's talk about some of the cards in this deck!

The Ramp

Hedron Archive: This card is fantastic and the only card keeping it under control is Kolaghan's Command. It's very scary to run this into a Kolaghan's Command but I think it's worth the risk to for such a good ramp spell that will draw you cards later in the game.

Matter Reshaper: This card can be ramp if it flips a land, so I'll just put it here. At worst it's a road block that stims some damage and then draws you a card. At best it trades with a creature and does a better impersonation of Sakura-Tribe Elder.

Hedron Crawler: We thought we had it bad in Rattleclaw Mystic! Hedron Crawler can't even attack and only produces cololress mana. Well it's hard to ramp in this type of deck so we'll take all we can get it.

Kozilek's Channeler: Again we will take all we can get. Channeler allows us to go from five mana, all the way to Ugin the following turn. The 4/4 Body isn't the worst thing ever either.

Oblivion Sower: I'm not sure if this card is better or worse in this deck than Kozilek's Channeler. My gut is to say worse since we can't really do anything with fetchlands if we hit them, however they do still turn on Shrine of the Forsaken Gods. Then again Sower's body is so much better than Kozilek's Channeler. This is the type of thing we can learn by testing the deck, which I plan on doing later this week.

The Disruption

Thought-Knot Seer: We don't have too much disruption but what we do have is pretty good. Though-Knot Seer will take a card and will be hard to Remove. A 4/4 isn't the easiest thing to kill in this format. It just kind of stinks that Thought-Knot and Kozilek's Channeler don't stand too well against Siege Rhino. Why does that Rhino need to have five toughness? BAH, HUMBUG!

The Threats

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon: Very good in our deck since it never exiles anything in it. Usually one Ugin is all you need against most decks to end the game. A Fantastic sweeper and threat.

Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger: This card was strong before Oath and will continue to be powerful afterwards. We don't have much better things to ramp into, right?

Kozilek, the Great Distortion: Wrong. While Kozilek isn't really better than Ulamog over all, the great illusionist is great against control and grindy decks. Usually control decks can deal with one Ulamog since it usually just eats two of their lands. Kozilek however will make sure you have a full grip and potentially a bunch of countermagic before he lands. Since his trigger is a cast trigger, he can protect himself pretty well.

Reality Smasher: Can you tell I'm hyped about this card yet? I want it in all decks that can produce colorless mana. We don't always need to ramp into our big threats. A Turn four Reality Smasher will do just fine thank you.

Walker of the Wastes: Basically more Reality Smashers. Playing this guy turn four is pretty good and he's an insane top deck that can be as big as a 19/19 with trample if we have all our Wastes out. Honestly, if he's just a 6/6 or bigger I'll be happy.

The Lands

Foundry of the Consuls: Just a decent utility land if we get enough mana. Nothing too crazy.

Sanctum of Ugin: This allows us to chain Ulamogs or tutor up Kozilek to refill our hand. A solid card overall.

Mirrorpool: Cloning any of our threats can be game over in this deck and that's why I want to test one of these. Could be correct to just run more.

Sea Gate Wreckage: It's hard to have an empty hand when you're playing eight- and ten-drops in your deck. However, if our opponents are disrupting us we really want this card. Again, I'm not sure how good this one is, but after playing some matches we should be able to tell.

Shrine of the Forsaken Gods: Basically a given. This land is a ramp spell as soon as you hit seven mana. It allows us to cast Ugin with only seven lands which can be very crucial. Don't leave home without four in this deck.

This ramp deck might be better as a mono-green deck so we can run Ruin in Their Wake. Could easily just cut some cards, probably Walker of the Wastes or Kozilek's Channeler, and fix the mana up to run a full playset of this card. I'll be testing that along with some other cards and decks this weekend. I'll return next week with new and tested decks for everyone. Feel free to leave your thoughts below on card and or deck ideas!

Until next time,
Ali Aintrazi