Pendulums have captured a bigger rogue position this format,Top 8ing Regional Qualifiersand eventaking Top Cuts in YCS action. It's an exciting strategy right now because there are so many ways toplay it, and nobody really knows where it stands in competition. Is there aright way to build the deck? How big could it be in current competition?Nobody knows those answers yet, and that makes it an unpredictable unknownquantity in any meta game.

Leon believes that Endymion Pendulums could be a big powerhouse, andafter creating a budget build last weekhe's back with a version that pulls out all the stops to be tournamentready. You can peep the deck list below, but check out the full video forcard-by-card commentary, test hands, and combo tutorials. Pendulums couldbe #toostronk, and thanks to TheCaliEffect you can see them in action,right now!

What are your biggest rogue picks for the current format? Do you think Pendulums are on the upswing? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

DECKID= 110211