With so many Yu-Gi-Oh cards currently in the TCG, sometimes adjustments must be made. When just banning or Limiting a card isn't quite right, Konami will sometimes errata the effect of a card to bring it into line with what the card 'should' do. The offending card is usually so powerful that keeping its effect as it was first written could break the game, especially as Yu-Gi-Oh continues to evolve.

This week, Leon cracks open a history book and takes you into the past to show off some of the most powerful cards and how they were rewritten for a more manageable effect.  The one that's probably on your mind is Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon as it was recently errata'd in Legendary Duelists: Season 1. Check out today's featured video and see if you remember these cards from before they were changed!

Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End still lives in infamy to this day as it was one of the cards that created a need for a Forbidden list in Yu-Gi-Oh in the first place. Yata-Garasu still sends a shiver down the spines of seasoned players, one of the all-time nastiest combos in Yu-Gi-Oh. Do you think these erratas were necessary for the game? Let Leon know in the comments!