If you've played Pioneer at all recently, you're already familiar with the Inverter of Truth combo.





When Inverter of Truth enters the battlefield it switches your library with your graveyard. Depending on how many cards were in your graveyard, this makes it very easy to win by looking at your whole library with the enters-the-battlefield trigger on Thassa's Oracle. Jace, Wielder of Mysteries can also fill in as another way to win for having a small library.

In Pioneer, the Dimir Inverter combo deck is so prevalent that players were surprised Wizards didn't hit it with the last Banned & Restricted update. It's old news. In Modern, however, Inverter Combo is practically unheard of. Let's see if we can change that!

Unlike the Pioneer version, we're going all-in on the combo. Modern is too fast for us to play Dimir Midrange as a Plan B, so instead, we're doubling down on ways to deck ourselves with Spoils of the Vault and either Angel's Grace or Phyrexian Unlife. Pact of Negation protects our game-winning effects, and Wishclaw Talisman finds us whatever we need. Finally, Pentad Prism and Talisman of Dominance accelerate us to our combo turn. Let's invert harder than ever before!