At TCGplayer HQ, we love our Pauper. Eternal Masters has done a sufficient job at getting us super duper hyped for the next Pauper season thanks to some sweet rarity shifts. Those are covered in the above video for the most part, but here are some decklists to sink your teeth into, graciously provided by TCGplayer employees.


The first list comes courtesy of my old roommate, Dan (he chose the name). It's an interesting take on U/G Madness, eschewing Aquamoeba for Nimble Mongoose and Werebear and doubling down on the threshold theme. Important note: Our Pauper league lets us play cards as long as they're common anywhere, so even though there's no paper common of Circular Logic, it's a common in Vintage Masters, so we get to play it.


The combo familiars deck got banned out of existence with the Cloud of Faeries ban, which upset ol' D-Cleave quite a bit. Luckily for him, Peregrine Drake got downshifted to common just in time to keep the beatdowns going and the combo wins alive.


If you've been playing Magic long enough, you've probably met a handful of players that take pride in marching to the beat of their own drum. I love Mike, but it's hard to argue that he's even marching to the beat of any drum at all at this point. I think he's fine with that, though, because all the dude seems to do is win matches of Magic, and with a deck sporting both Emperor Crocodile AND Blastoderm, this one hits me right in the feels. Being 11 ruled.

This is just a small sampling of what you can do with the new Eternal Masters commons. I'm excited to see what new tech comes out over the coming months. If I had to guess, Peregrine Drake is going to be a BIG player.

Jon Corpora
Pronounced Ca-pora