Is Eternal Masters all hype? We don't think so, and our sales data proves it. Before we jump into a rundown of the top preordered cards, you can play along with Jon as Ryan makes him guess which cards sold better than the other.

It's fun and educational!

Here's a closer look at the top cards that were preordered.

#1: Counterspell

Either you love countermagic or you hate it. There's little inbetween in Magic and Counterspell making its first appearance in booster packs since 7th Edition means if you've wanted to live the dream of laying two Islands and saying go in Draft your chance has finally arrived.

The new art is pretty sweet, and it sees a little play in Legacy too.

DECKID= 1266818

#2: Peregrine Drake

One of the most hyped cards of the set is the new-to-common rarity Peregrine Drake. The Pauper format is about to be shaken to the core with the return of a common creature that untaps lands en masse, reviving the previously banned Cloud of Faeries-type combo deck that will now look something like this:


Pauper isn't just for Magic Online anymore.

#3: Chain Lightning

Who doesn't love a good Burn deck? (Probably all those jerks that preordered Counterspell instead.) Chain Lightning has seen one physical reprint since its arrival in Legends: The poorly-received Premium Deck Series: Fire and Lightning. Putting together the most underrated deck in Legacy is a little easier now.


#4: Mogg War Marshal

Mogg War Marshal is one of my favorite cards in my Pauper cube, and it's a powerful piece of the Goblins deck in Pauper. As recent 5-0 Pauper League results show, Goblins is a deck right in the metagame mix:


#5: Kird Ape

While Kird Ape has been a common in paper Pauper since the beginning, none of its online versions were at common. Eternal Masters changes that for the Pauper format, bringing one of Legacy Zoo's iconic creatures, and a solid body in too, into another format.


#6: Nimble Mongoose

Yet another Pauper card being added to the format, Nimble Mongoose has a much longer history as part of tempo-oriented Legacy decks. Temur Delver is its typical home these days:


#7: Ashnod's Altar

Ashnod's Altar is less about being a Legacy staple or Vintage utility, and more one of those iconic engine cards that consistently gets discovered by newer players looking to do broken things. In a format like Commander, where it's easy to make a stream of tokens at will and turn a pile of mana into a game-breaking play.

Pentavus with Blade of the Bloodchief and Ashnod's Altar is a pretty spicy one. There's… many more.

#8: Ancestral Mask

Bogles is another deck well-regarded by some and derided by others. Ancestral Mask is one of the explosive ways Pauper Bogles decks an turn a reasonable body into an even better win condition. If Counterspell or Chain Lightning aren't your Pauper cup of tea, try something that will make even more opponents tilt:


Bonus: The Best of the Rest

Daze and Pyroblast were just outside the Top 8, with Deathrite Shaman clocking in as a highest-selling rare. Staples such as Cabal Therapy, Young Pyromancer and Price of Progress also sold well, but so did obnoxious things like Rancor, Winter Orb and Maelstrom Wanderer.

Join us next week when we take a look back at Shadows over Innistrad to see what the biggest selling cards of the set were. See you then!