Never mind the wonky ears or forked tail — for all intents and purposes (translation: because I said so), Espeon is a cat. A beadazzled, lilac-colored cat. As such, I'll be ranking this feline Pokemon by its appeal as a prospective snuggle buddy.

Time to cozy up to this cat-like creature!

#23: Espeon ex

Every single element of this Espeon makes me want to back away slowly — pretty much the opposite of cuddling.

#22: Espeon GX (61)

Our cuddle contestant here is leaping through the card frame and coming for my life. That's my exit cue.

#21: Espeon (E4)

I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure that arched back means I should keep my distance.

#20: Espeon (Prime)

To tell you the truth, I'm afraid to touch this thing. You first.

#19: Espeon-GX (SM35)

This particular Espeon looks like some kind of ancient Egyptian cat-god. Intimidating? Heck yes. Cuddly? Not at all.

#18: Espeon (Delta Species)

This 'mon looks like it has some street smarts, and might not let me get too close. Cuddle potential: debatable.

#17: Espeon (Undaunted)

Suspicious and aloof, but what cat-creatures aren't? I'm willing to try.

#16: Espeon (Team Plasma)

Let's be honest — probably can't catch it, probably can't cuddle it.

#15: Espeon Star

Again, there is no way I can keep up with this thing, let alone cuddle with it.

#14: Espeon (1)

This mystical Espeon seems preoccupied. I'm content to admire it from afar.

#13: Espeon GX (Secret)

I'm not sure if I want to cuddle this one or let it guide me through a psychedelic dreamscape. Either way, I'll bring snacks. 

#12: Espeon (20)

I'll call this one cuddle neutral — yes, I'd cuddle it, but I'm not exactly jumping out of my chair to do so.

#11: Espeon-EX (Full Art)

The soulless eyes are a little off-putting. Approach with caution and cuddle gently.

#10: Espeon (Aquapolis & H9)

Weird blue stairs and a window overlooking a fountain? Sounds pretty relaxing. Definite cuddle potential here.

#9: Espeon (Majestic Dawn)

This Espeon looks to be in desperate need of cuddles. First, we'll make snow angels. Then, we'll eat a whole roll of Tollhouse cookie dough. And then, we'll snuggle. 

#8: Espeon-EX

I'm choosing to interpret this pre-pounce stance as playful. I'm about to be attacked with snuggles. Bring it on!

#7: Espeon GX & Espeon GX Full Art

The green one looks a little...alien? But the second Espeon depicted here is the same color as the background, which leads me to wonder —  is there another, larger Espeon lurking just behind the first? I hope so. The more, the merrier!

#6: Espeon (Black & White Promos)

This Espeon is already curled up, ready to sit on my lap while I sip tea and read a good book.

#5: Espeon (Call of Legends)

...Same comment as above.

#4: Espeon (Dark Explorers)

Blue skies, a gentle breeze, and giant bubbles — perfect cuddle conditions.

#3: Dark Espeon

So cuddly, it's already in the fetal position and practically begging to be the little spoon!

#2: Espeon (Sandstorm)

Absolutely, sign me up for a snuggle session.

#1: Espeon (Lost Thunder)

Maybe it's just Wednesday talking, but I seriously want to cuddle up with this Espeon in a sun-dappled meadow and take a nap.