There's no doubt that this shady character with the Cheshire cat grin is an iconic member of the Poke-verse. When all's said and done, though, it's really just a spiky purple blob. Anybody could draw that...right?

Well, maybe it depends on the card. Here's every single unique Gengar, ranked by level of artistic effort.

#25 Dark Gengar

No offense to the artist, but this reminds me of creepy little kid artwork. (Some of you know what I'm talking about.) This Shadow Pokemon is easily re-rendered in purple paint.

#24 Gengar (Skyridge)

Same 'mon, different backgrounds. Flat shapes and fairly simple lines? Easy peasy.

#23 Sabrina's Gengar (Gym Challenge)

Simple elements — yellow circle, black spikes, and a creepy little face. Not much of a challenge.

#22 Gengar Spirit Link

Two scribbly circles and a spooky monster behind. We can get this done with time to spare.

#21 Gengar (16)

Gotta love a card with a traceable black outline like this. Easy.

#20 Gengar (Sword & Shield Promo Card)

I hate the look on Gengar's face, but I'm thankful that it's just another flat-looking image. No sweat.

#19 Gengar (Fossil & Legendary Collection)

No whizzing through the galaxy or staring out from the card with hungry eyes — the portly purple Pokemon is just kind of standing around. Not our biggest challenge by a long shot.

#18 Gengar (Arceus)

Is it weird that I'm getting Kool Aid man vibes from this big purple stompy guy?

#17 Gengar (Chilling Reign)

Gene Simmons called, he wants Gengar to stop copying him. Good news: anyone can draw this without much trouble. That said, I'm not sure who really wants to.

#16 Gengar

This Gengar seems simple enough to recreate, although the twinkly, multicolored sky might take a little work.

#15 Gengar GL

The most difficult part of this artwork is the shading. Without it, this is just a purple circle with Bart Simpson hair.

#14 Gengar (Fossil)

The artist decided to add some texture to this Gengar's skin (do shadow monsters have skin?), which definitely amps up the artistic difficulty.

#13 Gengar (85)

I have a feeling that the late, great Bob Ross would like this Gengar. Look at all those happy little plants! With some practice (and maybe a tutorial or two), we can probably recreate this.

#12 Gengar (Crimson Invasion)

Some poor Pokemon is getting cornered in a back alley by this terrifying Gengar. Let's draw it quick and get it over with.

#11 Gengar (Expedition)

Holo or not, we've got a very limited color palette, and the brownish background with vague greenery seems very forgiving.

#10 Sabrina's Gengar (Gym Heroes)

This Sabrina's Gengar brings a little more complexity to the table with a sparkly background, but it still seems fairly doable.

#9 Gengar (Legend Maker)

We're looking down at Gengar from a bit of a wonky angle here — it's all about the shading. I predict a tough time.

#8 Gengar (Unbroken Bonds)

This Gengar is wreathed in what looks like some kind of glowing smoke. Anything with translucent swirls equals a tougher art project — I don't see a novice artist pulling this off.

#7 Gengar EX

Our violet-colored friend takes up most of the space within the card frames here, so these don't quite top the difficulty list.

#6 Gengar Prime

A close-up THAT close leaves little room for error. Luckily, if you get the eyes and tongue right, I guarantee people won't pay much attention to the rest.

#5 Gengar (Cosmos Holo & Generations)

I'm absolutely loving the graffiti influence here, but this graphic, cartoony style might take some talent (and maybe some spray paint) to reproduce.

#4 Gengar ex

Watch out, we've got 3D energy here. This looming monster leaps off the page (well, card) with strong highlights and shadows, along with a dark galactic background. This rendition takes some skill.

#3 Gengar Lv.X

This gremlin-looking Gengar practically screams evil — and it takes talent to convey that through a little purple pocket monster. Talent that most of us probably lack.

#2 Gengar (Stormfront)

Every single element of this card's art gets its own glowing highlights — that's some high-level artistry. That fiery yellow glare somehow manages to make Gengar look even more menacing.

#1 M Gengar EX

Jeez, there's a lot going on here. A third eye, flying rainbow gemstones (or possibly jellybeans), and that gigantic void of a mouth. If all that isn't horrifying enough, Mega Gengar uses its opponents' own abilities to attack them. All three versions of this nightmare fuel get my vote for hardest to draw.