When it comes to dignity, we've got Pokémon all across the board — from Stunfisk, a dubious fish (fish?) who arguably has no dignity whatsoever, to Suicune, a Legendary beast who only deigns to grace us mere mortals with its presence. This high-class canine has beauty, it has grace, and it also has the ability to Bite you in the face.

The real question is, which Suicune is the most noble of them all?

#19 Suicune (SV022/SV122)

Not a strong start. Are we in a kindergarten coloring book? Color me unimpressed.

#18 Suicune (27)

This Suicune appears extremely dog-like — simple, humble, and carefree. I like to think they're taking a day off from nobility.

#17 Suicune (4)

I get it, it's hard to look noble when your raft is giving way underfoot.

#16 Suicune (Shiny)

Hmmm. I'm not getting 'noble bearing' vibes so much as maybe...'angered deity'?

#15 Suicune GX (Lost Thunder)

Again with the mad face! This Suicune might look a little nobler if their crest wasn't so plastic-y.

#14 Suicune (Nintendo Promo & 30)

"Suicune (np-30)

Loving the movement on these cards — I can practically feel the wind in my hair. Still, the My Little Pony aesthetic holds them back from achieving noble rank.

#13 Rocket's Suicune ex

I'm going to subtract a small, nonspecific amount of nobility points for this up-close-and-personal angle. I feel like the truly noble both respect and enforce personal space.

#12 Suicune ex

I do love a sparkly Suicune, but the look is more grade-school glittery than noble and sophisticated.

#11 Suicune (14)

Nice try, no dice. A real noble never loses their temper in public.

#10 Suicune (XY - BREAKpoint)

Vibrant, elegant, stunning…sure, let's add "noble" to the list.

#9 Suicune Star

This Suicune has a supermodel strut and incredible hair. Slightly vain, definitely noble.

#8 Suicune (SM 149)

A promo that's practically glowing with noble bearing.

#7 Suicune GX (Full Art)

The heroic pose says it all.

#6 Suicune GX (Secret)

Rainbow and regal, Secret Suicune is also unquestionably noble.

#5 Suicune (19)

This Suicune is the embodiment of poise even amidst a flying leap.

#4 Suicune (H25) & Suicune (37)

That crown-like crest is front and center. Noble bearing? Absolutely.

#3 Suicune (59)

Nothing says nobility like diamonds, am I right?

#2 Suicune (037/189)

I don't know about you, but this is the noblest trudging I've ever seen.

#1 Suicune (20)

This Suicune appears to be pulling rank and putting their foot DOWN. (Just look at those paws in the foreground!) Strong noble vibes.