Welcome back to another week of brewing! Last week we visited a blue/black Eldrazi deck for the first time and I was impressed with how it did. Cards like Bearer of Silence make perfect sense when they prove to be strong, but cards like Dimensional Infiltrator, Warping Wail, and Ruins of Oran Rief are not quite as obvious, so I am glad to see them performing well.

While the list last week was a great starting point, any good deckbuilder knows that you need to keep iterating and evolving a list. It is very rare to nail the perfect structure for a deck right out of the gate, if ever at all, so stay humble and continue to work on your creations. We had some notably absent cards from our list last time and I felt the need to test them out.

Highest on this list is probably Hangarback Walker which is a colorless creature, allowing our mana to be a bit better, but also has some great synergy with Ruins of Oran-Rief, which is nice. I also wanted to drop some of the gimmicks and replace them with more raw power, like Ruinous Path and the fourth copy of Reality Smasher.

With those changes and a few alterations to the mana base, this is the list we are battling with:


The deck shifts to combat a specific opponent quite well. It can be the controlling, grindy deck against aggressive and smaller midrange list, or it can be more aggressive with some disruption against control or combo. This makes the deck difficult to pick up and play cold, but rewarding to learn well.

Sideboarding Guide

Standard currently has a lot of viable archetypes, each of which have many different variations within them. It is difficult then (even impossible) to draw up a cut-and-dry sideboard guide that gives every correct swap for every matchup. Instead, I wanted to be a bit more pragmatic with my approach and instead demonstrate the general plan vs major archetypes and strategies. These plans should demonstrate a clear goal with our sideboarding, showcasing a plan of attack rather than a hyper-specific card-by-card approach.

Some match ups, like Rally, are unique enough that they deserve their own entry, but even then, not all Rally decks are the same.

vs Control

vs Aggro

vs Rally Combo

vs Eldrazi Ramp

vs 4 Color Midrange

Until next week, thanks for watching!

--Conley Woods--