Tokens are a pretty sweet part of Magic. Every format—from Monastery Mentor in Legacy, Young Pyromancer in Modern, Rhys the Redeemed in Commander, the new Emmara, Soul of the Accord coming to Standard next month, and every Limited format I can recall over the last decade—has key cards that make tokens. It wasn't always the case, but Wizards even bundles tokens into every set release (and most supplemental releases too) given how important they are to gameplay.

Which is why products like WizKid's Magic: The Gathering Creature Forge: Overwhelming Swarm exist.

While stores don't quite have their hands on them yet—They'll list them once they know what they'll have!—the variety of tokens and details in each feel at home when you need the perfect fit for your deck.

The first few tokens were shared over on MTGGolfish last month:

And today we've got four more to show off:

Horse Token

Spider Token

Bird Token

Treasure Token

Many match up to existing tokens, and others are a unique riff on a theme—which is great if you wanted something that was a little different from an existing Magic token. And if you dip your toes into Dungeons & Dragons or need a sweet miniature when you're not playing Magic, the Creature Forge tokens will have you covered beyond just Magic choices.

Keep an eye on growing set of Creature Forge tokens on—and when it's time you can pick up exactly the tokens you need!