The best strategies in Standard are beginning to emerge, but it is important not to jump to conclusions. Standard is still in an exploratory phase, with dozens of viable decks showing up in every Top 32. While some decks and cards stand out from the crowd, they do so in a rather liquid format. This means that while it is possible those decks eventually emerge as the king of the hill, there is also a chance that they are simply capitalizing on whatever the current metagame happens to look like.

Everything can, and likely will, change. So, what proactive strategies are being glossed over by the majority of players? I say proactive because again, when a format is still developing, reacting to an unknown opponent can be difficult.

I love the idea of a tutor and toolbox engine that comes on late, but has mostly strong cards so the non-tutor draws aren't so bad. In other words, while there might be a lot of one-ofs, they aren't too far apart, in terms of power level, from one another. This helps to keep our draws stable in terms of overall power level, but we increase the number of situations we can respond to successfully later on.

As this is an exploratory look, I will leave it to just that and the video for Sultai Traverse:


Before this last rotation, one of the decks I was looking into was U/B Eldrazi, as well as a W/B variant that utilized Eldrazi Displacer. I decided it was smart to revisit the concept of a midrange Eldrazi deck that didn't mind grinding out wins.

While Eldrazi Displacer has shown just strong it can be, I don't think that adding a second color is as important these days. Hand disruption and removal seem to be enough tools to take on the metagame, and a mono-black deck has access to both of those things. With that in mind, I built this and took it through the gauntlet:


Both lists were pretty exciting and put up a good showing. The Traverse list is naturally going to need more tweaking due to having so many one-ofs, but with some work, I can see both of these lists being strong choices in the upcoming weeks. Until next time, thanks for reading!

--Conley Woods--