The latest update to the TCGplayer App is out, and I'm back with more details about what you get—for free!

The TCGplayer App is a totally free way to find prices for Magic cards, scan and share entire lists of cards, search and shop the entire TCGplayer website and even scan to submit cards to stores' buylists through TCGplayer Trade-In.

Seriously, take a look:

TCGplayer App 2.5.0 Release Notes:

Every release also fixes a few more bugs. If you find one, just let us know at so we can clean it out too!

What Does This Mean?

While prices change constantly—and our handy warning will remind you when sharing them—you can now scan your trade binder, deck or collection and get whatever pricing you need for all of them. Whether you're sending a message of the cards (and their costs) to a friend borrowing them or finding that friend who wants to trade, including price when exporting a list has been a major request from all sorts of users. We're super thrilled to add in this much-requested feature!

On the flip side, we also wanted to make it easier to update a list of scanned cards. Adding in swipe-to-change options means you can remove or add cards with one hand, making it easier to adjust a trade on the fly by taking out or increasing the count of individual cards. While you can still scan a card for each time you want to add another to the list, you don't need to anymore. This was another highly-request feature that came straight from users like you.


If you missed the last update, Ixalan and even Iconic Masters can be scanned by the app. If you're drafting and trading at FNM, the TCGplayer is exactly the kind of tool to help you find whatever price you need.


As always, we're constantly identifying and fixing the little bugs that slip through the cracks. If you haven't turned on developer and crash sharing we'd really appreciate that as it's our best way to see when things go wrong out in the wild. Anytime you find something go wrong, or just work weird, you can email to let the team know—while some fixes and features take longer than others, every ticket gets cataloged and reviewed, shaping what the next update will bring.

Thanks for helping us make the TCGplayer App better!

- Adam Styborski