In a week where the new F&L List was finally revealed, the biggest discussion on the TCGplayer Facebook was a surprise! Last week we posted the question: if money was no object, what character or monster from Yu-Gi-Oh! would you cosplay?

The response was a huge outpouring of answers ranging from classic characters from the TV series (Yami Yugi! Bakura!), to awesome fan-favorite monsters (Gorz! Stargazer! Kristya!), to the downright weird (Time Eater? Sea Lancer? Frog The Jam???). There were even some astoundingly creative ideas – we loved the concept of an all-family cosplay of Batteryman Charger, 9-Volt, and Micro-Cell. And of course, someone chose Gimmick Puppet Shadow Feeler. Awk-werrrrd.

What would you cosplay? Join the discussion over on the feed!