Over the past month or so, I have been focusing on Eldrazi in Standard. While everyone else has been looking to ride the aliens to some easy Modern wins, the incentives to try Standard Eldrazi lists are all there. In particular, the strength of Ruins of Oran-Rief has been pretty loud as I have tested all sorts of different colors and meta approaches with our colorless overlords.

Dimirdrazi has been my best-performing variation thus far, as the deck has a lot of tools to defeat current powerhouses such as ramp decks and Rally the Ancestors decks. I want to continue to work on Dimirdrazi, but I also want to see what other color combinations have to offer.

In Modern, despite Eldrazi doing well since Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch, it took some time before Eldrazi Displacer became adopted. The card does a lot of neat things, but it didn't necessarily make sense until the metagame fully-formed and it became obvious that blinking opposing Eldrazi, Affinity creatures, or infect creatures et cetera yielded a huge edge. As a result, W/U Eldrazi became the default Eldrazi deck.

If you look at Standard right now, we have many of these same conditions. Eldrazi Displacer without context is a 3/3 that does things like blink our Wasteland Stranglers and Thought-Knot Seers, while giving us second chances to use Ruins of Oran-Rief later on, which is good, but probably not worthy of four maindeck slots. Once we look at the metagame though, we start to see additional uses for Eldrazi Displacer all over the place. To name a few of them:

Most decks are going to have one of those interactions available and even when they do not, you still have a 3/3 for three that has synergy with the rest of your own deck, so the costs are not all that high.

But white doesn't have any other Eldrazi to include, whereas black, blue, red, and green all contain plenty of alien options. White just has Eldrazi Displacer, so what other incentives do we have to move into the color?

Keep in mind that Eldrazi like to exile things. While we only have Wasteland Strangler carrying that flag, we can use its ability many times over thanks to Eldrazi Displacer. Searching for white cards that exile opens us up to Silkwrap, Suspension Field, Utter End, and even Quarantine Field all of which are high quality removal spells that also enable the likes of Wasteland Strangler. While that is a small edge, these shells rely so heavily on small edges and internal synergies that every new one we come up with just prepares us that much more for a wide field.

That said, here is the list I battle with in the attached videos:


The deck certainly has some ways to go, but just as we worked on Dimirdrazi and got it to a better place, I suspect the same can be done here. Expect to see some updates on this list in future weeks, but I already very much like some of the angles it takes against the current metagame. Until then, as always, thanks for watching!

--Conley Woods