As a powerful four-drop mana rock, Nyx Lotus was always going to find a home in Commander. But can it work in a competitive format, like Pioneer?

The Lotus essentially lets you double up on the effect of Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, which is normally impossible due to Nykthos's legendary supertype. If you can fill the board with colored mana symbols, you get to rocket ahead on mana. The power of this strategy depends on how well you can survive the early game, how quickly you can ramp, and how devastating your finishers are.

Mono-Black has Pioneer's two best one-mana spells in Fatal Push and Thoughtseize, so that starts things off nicely. To power up devotion, this deck runs permanent-based card draw and removal in Underworld Connections, Liliana's Contract and Trial of Ambition.

So far, so good. Once you have all the mana in the world, however, what do you spend it on?

Of course, there's the typical black finishers like Liliana, Dreadhorde General. If you'd rather have more fun though, there's another zany card you can borrow from your Commander deck that might do the trick: Torment of Hailfire.


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