One of the most effective strategies in triple Shards of Alara drafts is to embrace splashes by loading up on mana fixing and playing all of the best cards that you see. Conflux pushes this theme further with Domain rewarding having extra basic land types, and there are cards that specifically reward playing all five colors. Some payoffs for stretching the manabase include:

There are also powerful five-color mythics like Conflux, Maelstrom Archangel, and Child of Alara, all of which will take over a game.

The set also contains a swath of powerful two and three-color rares and mythics, like Nicol Bolas and Magister Sphinx, which are among the finest cards to splash.

Always consider taking Obelisk of Alara, which is useful even if you can't activate all five abilities. Don't take Progenitus, which isn't realistic to cast and a pick better spend on a more reliable card.

Drafting with Conflux means making some slight adjustments drafting in the first two packs. There are no trilands, panoramas, or obelisks in Conflux, so pick fixing accordingly in the first two packs. Conflux does come with its own quality fixing, however, including the common Rupture Spire enabling all five colors, and a cycle of landcycling cards with dual modes as either a mana-fixer or a spell, the best being Traumatic Visions and Fiery Fall. Armillary Sphere is one of the most effective cards for reaching Domain because it finds two colors of mana. It's pure value, and it can go into any deck, so pick it very highly if you need it, a fine first pick.

Kaleidostone provides a one-shot opportunity at all five colors of mana, and as an artifact it has some additional benefits. Similar to Armillary Sphere, Shard Convergence is a great way to search for lands and reach Domain while generating significant card advantage. Stay away from Mana Cylix, which doesn't actually net mana, so it's card disadvantage, it's not acceleration, and it doesn't help towards Domain.

There are some great color hosers in Conflux, and because so many decks include multiple colors, they prove useful against many opponents. Celestial Purge, Filigree Fracture, and Ignite Disorder in particular can prove backbreaking and potentially maindeckable.

There's a cycle of five allied-color creatures with protection from the enemy colors, and these are especially effective because opponents have so many gold cards. They are particularly good at blocking and evading blockers, and these can be the finest places for equipment like Manaforce Mace.

How do you approach drafting Shards of Alara/Shards of Alara/Conflux? Share your thoughts in the comments, and I'll answer any questions!