Clackbridge Troll deserves more attention.

Even in a Standard format loaded with powerful Black cards, the Troll stands out. An 8/8 with trample and haste for five mana is way above curve, and its last ability is hardly a drawback. If your opponent sacrifices a creature to distract it from attacking, they surrender so much card advantage while giving you the life you need to prolong the game so that advantage can count.

The real cost to playing Clackbridge Troll is giving your opponent three free Goats to sacrifice. To eliminate that cost, you've got a few options.

The best of those options is Hushbringer. Besides deactivating Clackbridge Troll's Goat text, Hushbringer incidentally hoses a host of problematic Standard cards, including Cauldron Familiar, Wicked Wolf and all the Cavaliers.

The Hushbringer/Troll combo may not win Mythic Championship VII, but it's an entertaining way to build around a pair of underappreciated gems.

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