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You've probably heard of the deck called "8-Rack."

This Modern deck uses The Rack and honorary rack Shrieking Affliction to turn discard into a win condition. Simply drop a rack one turn one and use low-cost discard spells like Raven's Crime to empty your opponent's hand. As long as you keep them to a low hand size, they'll have a hard time killing you before Rack or Affliction ping them to death.

The deck is typically mono-black, partly to be budget-friendly and partly because discard effects are almost exclusively black. So you wouldn't expect it to run a full playset of Wrenn and Six, a red-green planeswalker with no effects that support the deck's primary plan.

But here we are! Why is Wrenn and Six a four-of in this deck, whenDavriel, Rogue Shadowmage (a rack and discard engine in one) doesn't warrant a single copy? It has to do with two other staples of 8-Rack, Raven's Crime and Smallpox, which both love Wrenn and Six's +1. Returning a land from your graveyard to your hand means you can retrace Raven's Crime again, or replay the land you sacrificed to Smallpox. Plus, Wrenn and Six is only two mana, which is super important in a deck that wants to unload its discard spells as quickly as possible.

Sorry, Davriel. Maybe next time.