Talking about brand new decks becoming popular, there is no hotter deck in Standard than this one. At first many players wrote off the card Command the Dreadhorde. On the surface it seems like a card that would be tough to make work, considering how much life you have to lose, and how many good cards need to be in graveyards. But the fact is the deck just works, and there are both multiple ways to gain life, alongside plenty of ways to put cards in graveyards. There are a few different versions of this deck running around, but this is the one I have been playing:

The power level of the deck is off the charts. The lategame usually is going to belong to the Command the Dreadhorde deck. I don't think I have ever lost a game after casting the deck's namesake. Aggro decks like Mono-Red Aggro can be annoying since they have removal for Wildgrowth Walker, and a fast clock that make your Command the Dreadhorde's worse. Besides aggression, another vulnerability to the deck is the manabase.

Playing four different colors' worth of cards isn't easy. This deck attempts to do it, and Interplanar Beacon helps, but there really is no avoiding the fact you will get mana screwed sometimes. For a more consistent manabase I recommend trying a straight Sultai version. You lose access to Teferi, Hero of Dominaria and Teferi, Time Raveler though, which are some of the most powerful planeswalkers in the format.

In this set of matches we actually ran into some really good players. That's what happens after making it to Mythic, the player quality is really strong. There wasn't much we could do in the mirror, as that is mostly about who casts a Command the Dreadhorde first. Another card worth considering for ramp and manabase reasons is Paradise Druid, which Wyatt Darby was playing. That's a card I would like to try in the future. Some of the games where both sides have a bunch of planeswalkers can be absolutely insane.

Even though the Command the Dreadhorde deck hasn't been around for very long, I think it is here to stay. We even saw a number of the MPL players immediately pick it up to play in their league matches. It is scary to think that the version I was playing here may not have been optimal, and there could be a few improvements made to make it even better! Beyond this, the deck is simply fun. It is able to do something that no other deck in Standard can, and creating space for new archetypes is what makes a Standard format healthy.

Seth Manfield

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