Remember Golgari Midrange? It was the top deck in Standard for a nice stretch, and is now making a resurgence. After a group of Japanese players played the deck in their MPL matches it has been catching on. Simon Goertzen actually took down a slot in the MTGA MCQ with the list I am playing as well. Casualties of War and Nissa, Who Shakes the World are both new, strong top-end plays that accompany the often forgotten Carnage Tyrant.

Carnage Tyrant is quite good at the moment. There are very few edict effects and the number of Kaya's Wrath has also been on the decline. By playing Carnage Tyrant, Vivien Reid (a planeswalker that should definitely be seeing more play) gets better too. Assassin's Trophy can in some cases be used to mana screw the opponent if you start destroying the opponent's lands. There is a mini land destruction package between Assassin's Trophy, Field of Ruin and the Crucible of Worlds in the sideboard. If your opponent is playing a deck like Four-Color Dreadhorde they may not have many basic lands in their deck.

I think it's good that there is a way to punish players for getting too crazy with their manabases. Also, Casualties of War destroys a land as well! Usually I find myself getting to use three modes on it, as hitting an enchantment or artifact is pretty rare. Massacre Girl is another sweet addition that many of the slower black-green decks seem to be playing. The card is outstanding against aggressive creature decks, as it often will win the game on the spot versus White Aggro.

The games were a touch disappointing in this set of matches, but we played against good competition. It's hard to hang your head about a 2-3 result in five matches, as that's really not a big enough sample size to draw on when choosing a deck. Golgari is not a tier 1 deck at the moment, though it might actually be stronger than Sultai Midrange. This deck can punish other midrange decks and some aggressive strategies, though it can struggle when players try to go over the top on you.

Seth Manfield

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