Sometimes, as a deck builder, you just never know when inspiration will strike. Sometimes you sit down with the intention of brewing up something specific. Maybe you have a particular goal or archetype in mind and you get to work. Sometimes ideas are born from other ideas, spinning off into something new. But other times, ideas come to you randomly, times when you're not even thinking about Magic. This is in the middle of the night, or sitting coach on a plane, or maybe in the middle of a movie theater as the feature film plays.

This past Saturday night was exactly one of these unplanned moments. I was playing a game of League of Legends and I saw someone attempting a common combo. A high-damage dealing champion, Kog Maw, sat still, dealing out millions of damage while protected via a Kayle ultimate, which renders him immune to damage for a few seconds. I have no idea why, but this made me think of "all-in" strategies in Magic where something like a Blinkmoth Nexus goes for lethal while protected with Vines of the Vastwood.

All-in strategies, such as Infect or double-strike decks tend to be pretty easy to build in Modern or Legacy, but they don't often have the power to match other things in the format. Infect is the obvious exception, but Standard has "all-in" strategies, there is a chance they are viable.

I already knew what card I wanted to try to break.

The premise is simple enough: Get a bunch of clues on the battlefield, attack with a Lumbering Falls (oen of the most difficult-to-interact-with playable creatures in Standard), and Confront the Unknown for a million damage. I explain how we got from that to this particular list in the video, so with that said, here is that list:


This is the first iteration of this list so I definitely expect some work to be needed going forward. The core engine of the deck is a heck of a lot of fun though, as you will quickly see in the videos. Our issue comes where we added unnecessary pieces to the deck that make for clunky opening hands and early game management.

If we manage to do something like cut three copies of Confront the Unknown, instead making it a single tutor target for example, we just lower the number of dead or low-impact cards during the early game while also lowering our reliance on green mana, which is especially nice due to our desire to play Engulf the Shore.

Freeing up some additional space for various one-ofs to give us more options in the late game is pretty nice. Some options include things like Rogue's Passage, additional countermagic, or possibly even some more engine cards. Trail of Evidence is a card that got cut for room purposes and I can easily see one or two copies of that being helpful in this sort of deck.

There are a lot of small variations and directions to take this deck which is a lot of fun as a deck builder. Definitely give the video a watch and let me know what you think the best future for this brew is! Until next week, thanks for watching!

--Conley Woods--