From out of history and into your opponent's front-lines, the Gladiator Beasts are back and breaking some of the most impressive boards in Master Rule 5... all without a single Lightning Storm!

Sam's showing off another deck from the theme-breaking mind of Yugituber Yacine656, and this time it's the return of the classic archetype: Gladiator Beasts. With new support like Gladiator Beast Vespasius and Test Panther, plus a Dark Ruler No More or two, this deck can battle its way through a field of negates, leave your opponent defenseless, and set up a powerful board faster than your opponent can say "When were they World Championships?"

For an in-depth look at how to pilot the deck, take a look at Yacine656's video where he shows you the ins-and-outs of going second in the current format. Can Gladiator Beasts finally return to competition? Try the list below and see for yourself. DECKID=428762