Primal Origin is my favorite set in a very long time. I love when an old, underrated strategy gets an extra little spark to give it a shot at the limelight, and PRIO most definitely delivered! Madolches and Traptrix have already shown their competitive worth in the wake of Primal Origin, but a number of other decks got a powerhouse card added to their arsenal, and have yet to be explored in logged tournaments.

Gladiator Beasts, Koa'ki Meirus, Scraps, and even Gustos got very strong new additions, but among all of their new toys, one card seems to be missing the attention it deserves.

DECKID=100404Dinosaurs dominated several formats in the past, usually backed up by the adorable nuisance that is Rescue Rabbit. The Rabbit lets quickly Summon a pair of Normal Dinosaurs and turn them into the incredibly powerful Evolzar Laggia and Evolzar Dolkka. Effectively Solemn Judgment and Divine Wrath on legs, these two Xyz can singlehandedly take control of the game, threatening to stop any move your opponent makes. That said, they fell off the map almost entirely once Rescue Rabbit was Limited. However, it may be time for these devastating Xyz to resurface!

Seriously, who doesn't want to play Solemn Judgment again?

Emerging Velociraptors Outta Lizards!
The Evol deck as a whole is a simplification beatdown strategy – your goal is to reduce your opponent's options through the simple negation effects of your Evolzar Xyz, clearing the way so you can win with simple attacks. Of course, you generally need to get a pair of Dinosaurs on the field to Summon those monsters in the first place. The Evol strategy does that by meshing together two different unique archetypes, which not only power Laggia and Dolkka to the field, but also help simplify the game in the process. The Evolsaurs are the core of your Xyz plays, and have some powerful effects when they're Summoned by the effects of their younger cousins, the Evoltiles. When you Summon them that way, each Evolsaur gains an effect that can have a huge positive impact on your game position.

This deck plays three different Evoltiles to help generate those Xyz plays. The most basic of them is Evoltile Westlo. When Westlo's flipped face-up, you get to Summon any Evolsaur from your deck. You can pair that simple play with any other Dinosaur to make an Xyz, while netting you its effect. However since it's a flip effect, Westlo's really slow. With Mermails and Fire Fists on a relative decline you'll get to flip your Westlo pretty often, but if decks like that start to see more play, cards like Skill Prisoner that protect your set Westlo will become really important.

Evoltile Najasho's a faster and arguably stronger alternative, but comes with the drawback of relying on combos to work. Evoltile Najasho summons an Evolsaur from your deck whenever it's Tributed, which yields explosive results when paired with the Tributing spells Evo-Force and Enemy Controller. Najasho combos are your best Turn 1 plays: they often yield an instant Evolzar, so running a full playset gives you the best shot of a strong opening.


The last Evoltile we're playing here is a single copy of Evoltile Casinerio. Think of it as Rescue Rabbit meets Jurrac Guaiba: when you destroy a monster in battle with Casinerio, at the end of the Battle Phase you Tribute it to Summon two Fire Dinosaurs from your deck with the same name (their effects are negated and they're banished at the End Phase). That lets you leverage one successful battle into an Evolzar without needing to dedicate space to a set of Jurrac Guaibas. It also lets you set up Evo-Singularity immediately without needing to combo off first, something Najasho can't do.

As for the Evolsaurs, Evolsaur Cerato's your biggest hitter. Clocking in at 1900 ATK, Cerato's a pretty strong attacker by itself, but when you Summon it through an Evoltile it climbs even further to 2100 attack points. It can easily tear down Level 4 and lower monsters and even some smaller Xyz in battle, and when it does, it lets you search another Evoltile from your deck to your hand. While Summoning an Evolzar early is important, attacking over a monster with Cerato beforehand can establish a powerful controlling set-up down the line, giving access to extra Evoltiles - and as such, more Evolsaurs.

Evolsaur Diplo's the easy go-to 'Saur for the early game. When one of your Evoltiles Summons Diplo, you target an opposing spell or trap and destroy it. Much like Traptrix Myrmeleo, that effect's mandatory; you have to be a little careful against Artifact decks, but Diplo's ability to thin out your opponent's backrow is huge for forcing through your Evolzar Xyz plays. A lot of players have been leaning towards setting lots of cards early in this format, so clearing cards for free with Diplo goes a long way towards building a win.

Evolsaur Vulcano's the last Evolsaur in the build. It turns your Evoltile's abilities into more of a true Rescue Rabbit effect, grabbing a second Evolsaur back from the Graveyard. With each Evoltile's effect Summoning two Dinosaurs at once, you can churn out tons of Xyz for the late game and completely overwhelm your opponent.

Unfortunately, much like the Dino Rabbit deck, drawing into your Dinosaurs can be pretty rough. All of the Evolsaur effects only trigger when you Summon them with an Evoltile, so the 'Saurs you draw are effectively Normal Monsters. There are a few ways to fix those issues, but for the most part the solutions bring you more inconsistencies than they're worth. Evoltile Odonto's the most viable, Summoning an Evolsaur from your hand, but even that's a little shaky. Luckily it pretty easy to assemble an Evolzar through Normal Summons, and an early Evolsaur in-hand can pair with an Evoltile effect to establish your first Xyz of the game.

Emerald/Violet Outer Line
While your monsters can hold things down themselves, the "Evo-" spell and trap cards are what really push your plays over the top. Evo-Diversity's an amazing utility spell, searching out any Evoltile or Evolsaur you may need. It grabs Evoltile Najasho when you have another spell to pair with it; Casinerio for when you can clear a monster in battle; and Westlo for when you just want an Evoltile in general. Also, on the rare occasion you just need another Dinosaur you can easily just grab any Evolsaur to Summon and Xyz with.

The deck's biggest combos hinge around Evo-Force. At the cost of Tributing an Evoltile you can Summon any Evolsaur from your deck, and it gains its effect as if it were Summoned by an Evoltile. That pairs with a flipped up Westlo or Najasho to flood the field with multiple Dinosaurs, and can result in fields with multiple Xyz in a single turn, thanks to Evolsaur Vulcano.

Unfortunately there's another little nuance that many people overlook pertaining to Evo-Force and Najasho, having to do with activation timings. When using the effect, Evo-Force resolves first and Summons an Evolsaur, then that Evolsaur and the tributed Najasho both trigger on a new chain. When building a chain with simultaneous triggers, mandatory effects go onto the chain first, followed by optional effects.


If you look at the Evolsaurs you're playing here, Evolsaur Diplo and Evolsaru Cerato are both mandatory effects, while Vulcano and Evoltile Najasho are optional. As such, if you Summon a Diplo or Cerato, your chain will have the mandatory Evolsaur ability as Chain Link 1, and Najasho as Chain Link 2. If Najasho Summons another Diplo or Cerato, you'll get their effect as normal after the current chain resolves, since they're mandatory as well. However, if Najasho Summons a Vulcano at that point, you'll miss the chance to activate Vulcano's optional effect, since the first Evilsaur's ability still has to resolve. On the bright side that same timing conundrum allows you to outplay cards like Torrential Tribute on the second Evolsaur you Summon.

Because of those issues, it may seem that Vulcano plays are actually very restrictive, but fear not! If you Summon a Vulcano through Evo-Force, the optional triggers of Vulcano and Najasho can be arranged so that Najasho's Chain Link 1 and Vulcano's Chain Link 2. That means Najasho can summon another Vulcano as the last thing to occur, netting a second effect and setting you up for two Evolzars off a simple 2-card combo! Just remember: If you want Vulcano to trigger off of a Najasho and Evo-Force play, you have to Summon Vulcano from the Evo-Force itself.

The last Evo-card that I want to look at is the newly released trap from Primal Origin: Evo-Singularity! This card's just nuts. It targets two Evols in your graveyard – one Evoltile and one Evolsaur – then Summons any Evolzar monster from your Extra Deck and attaches those monsters to it as Xyz Materials! That lets you slam down an Evolzar Laggia, Evolzar Dolkka, or even Evolzar Solda at any time, without warning. You can chain it to removal cards like Mystical Space Typhoon, or simply activate it to preempt a move from your opponent.

Summoning Evolzar Laggia in your opponent's Draw Phase can restrict their Summons or spell and trap plays for the turn, and summoning a Laggia when the monsters for a Synchro or Xyz summon are ready can disrupt a play right in the middle. Forcing your opponent to either stop where they are or lose their Xyz to Laggia's effect is much like playing a Maxx "C", leaving your opponent with nothing but bad decisions. Laggia's already like a Solemn Judgment, so Summoning it off of Evo-Singularity is nearly Solemn Judgment on its own! Dropping Evolzar Dolkka's a powerful play when your opponent Summons a monster with a strong ignition effect, forcing it to sit on the field useless or else decimating it entirely.

However, some of the strongest plays out of Evo-Singularity come from the ability to Summon Evolzar Solda. A Rank 6 requiring Dinosaurs, Solda hasn't really seen much play, but with Evo-Singularity bypassing the usual Xyz requirements, it's easier to Summon than ever before. Evolzar Solda clocks in at 2600 ATK, and can detach an Xyz Material to destroy any monster that's Special Summoned. It even hits multiple monsters when they're Summoned simultaneously! Think of it as kind of like a Bottomless Trap Hole on legs. On top of that, Solda can't be destroyed by card effects if it has Xyz Material, making it incredibly hard to take down.


The best part of Evolzar Solda is that it can generate value when you chain Evo-Singularity to other effects. Unlike Laggia and Dolkka, which each need to be on the field already when a card or effect is used, Solda simply destroys a monster when it's Special Summoned. With so many effects that Special Summons, responding with Evo-Singularity to unleash Solda can be huge. Against Mermails, you can stop monsters like Mermail Abyssteus and Mermail Abyssmegalo when they hit the field, preventing your opponent from making large Rank 7 plays. You can take down any Dragon Ruler, High Priestess of Prophecy, Geargias Summoned through Geargiarsenal or Geargiagear, and many other cards.

Perhaps the biggest blow-out move is summoning Solda in response to a big Soul Charge! Since the monsters still hit the field, your opponent still loses 1000 Life Points for each one, but since the monsters are all Summoned simultaneously (as is the life loss), you can detach one material from Solda to take down every monster that just hit the field! Evo-Singularity's powerful enough without that interaction, but with Solda to shut down important Summoning effects when your opponent least expects it, you can quickly take over the entire game with just a single trap.

Excavate Value; Outcast Landlubbers
The biggest issue with Evol strategies in the past was that the best combos often took a long while to get together. Evo-Force and Evoltile Najasho both require other cards to be effective, drawn Evolsaurs have minimal use, and even Evo-Singularity needs graveyard setup in order to be a live draw. Evo-Diversity and Pot of Duality can help, but it can still be really tough to assemble everything.

That's where our fuzzy pirate friend Kuribandit comes in! Digging through five cards and grabbing a spell or trap, Kuribandit's an incredibly powerful addition to the strategy. Grabbing Evo-Diversity allows you to search a key monster, while Evo-Force and Evo-Singularity give you power plays for your future turns. There's never been a truly effective way to get to the powerful backrow cards like Evo-Force and now Evo-Singularity, so getting to dig another five cards into your deck to try and find one of them is a huge boost to consistency.

But that's not all Kuribandit does for you; it also primes your graveyard for both Evolsaur Vulcano and Evo-Singularity! Both cards leverage your graveyard into incredibly controlling game positions, but in the past it was tough to use them until the mid-game, due to the lack of targets. Kuribandit plunders through your deck, finds the perfect spell or trap, and leaves behind some buried treasure in the form of fresh monsters in your graveyard.

On top of that we're playing Breakthrough Skill! A powerful answer to monster effects, Breakthrough keeps your Evolzar Laggias safe and its materials live to negate more important things, and it protects Evoltile Westlo from any monster effect that may try to take it out. Once Breakthrough's in your graveyard it can prevent opposing disruptive effects like Thunder King Rai-Oh, and stop the powerful Artifact Moralltach when it comes down on your turn. While it's strong when you draw it, it also extends your options when it hits the grave through Kuribandit. However, Skill Prisoner's a very powerful alternative if you're more concerned with decks like Fire Fists and Mermails, which repeatedly target your monsters on their turn.

Enjoy Various Opponents' Losses
All-around, Evols are incredibly disruptive and can Summon some of the strongest Xyz in existence! The strategy still has a few little kinks, but with the new additions of Kuribandit and Evo-Singularity, it's better than it's ever been before. Dinosaurs haven't done much since Rescue Rabbit was Limited; people aren't really ready for the Evolzars' incredible abilities!

This deck can be a bit difficult to play at times. There will be awkward hands that force you to carefully play it out one Dinosaur at a time, and many games will be decided entirely on how well you use the limited negations of your Evolzars. However, if you master the use of your Xyz and apply pressure properly, your opponent's will be hard-pressed to make it back into the game.

And seriously, you know you want to play Solemn Judgment.

-Bobby Kenny