There are a variety of Grixis decks being played right now, so Grixis Delver can become easily overlooked. The deck is still rock solid, and has plenty of removal, which will be nice if lots of decks start playing Harsh Mentor once Amonkhet is legal. The list I have been running is a little different from the stock list.

This deck is very similar to Grixis Control or even Grixis Death's Shadow. Kolaghan's Command is very powerful alongside Snapcaster Mage, no matter the shell. Here, there are even more cheap cantrips, and while Delver of Secrets isn't as individually powerful as Death's Shadow, you also aren't inflicting yourself lots of life loss. By not playing cards like Cryptic Command it is easier to keep the mana curve down, and play less lands as a result.

This list has adopted both Fatal Push and Lightning Bolt, and really loads up on removal spells rather than playing lots of countermagic. With combo decks a bit less popular at the moment, the time is right for cards like Terminate to shine. This deck does struggle against Dredge, so I have some Leyline of the Voids in the sideboard for that reason.

I will be the first one to say the deck can be tricky to play, and I certainly didn't play it perfectly in these matches. Mono-White Hatebears has a lot of cards you need to try to play around, especially when the opponent can vial creatures into play at instant speed. Leonin Arbiter coming into play in response to a fetch land is something that you do need to be aware of. In this match, I think our draws were better than the opponent's, and the removal in Grixis Delver helped bail me out of some tight spots.

The green-white deck we were paired against in round two was annoying to play against, and it just felt like we never fully stabilized in either game. Game two, our opponent having three copies of Path to Exile meant we were never confidently able to stick a significant threat. Renegade Rallier is very good in grindy matchups because it provides built-in card advantage. I was impressed with the Green-White Knight of the Reliquary deck, and it didn't feel like a good matchup.

Burn is tricky for Grixis decks in general to play against. Luckily our opponent took mulligans aggressively, and we were able to get some early pressure going while Tasigur, the Golden Fang and Gurmag Angler can close out games relatively quickly. Collective Brutality is the only form of life gain in the deck, so having that card in game two was great. A lot of the time beating a good Burn draw comes down to drawing Collective Brutality. One note is that scrying is important to consider because the opponent can attack with a Goblin Guide and potentially give you a free a card if you planned ahead.

Thanks for reading,

Seth Manfield