There are a few different varieties of Grixis decks in Standard, but none are more exciting than Grixis Dragons. This deck gets its explosiveness not just from the strong core red cards that have been proven to be good in more aggressive red decks – Sarkhan, Fireblood is a perfect fit and really overperformed in the games. Being able to both loot and accelerate out Dragons are two very relevant effects for the deck. The ultimate is also nice to have access to, as that did come up in one of the matches.

I was pleasantly surprised with this deck. There was one match where we had some pretty awkward draws and were left with our five-mana Dragons stranded in our hand, and that can happen. There is a risk with putting six five-mana creatures in a deck like this, but it is worth it because of the corresponding increase in power. All our other matches the draws were much smoother, and Sarkan, Fireblood was a major reason why that was the case. The planeswalkers being able to provide extra mana proved to be really important.

The main deck felt well put together, and there are a variety of sideboard options. Since we didn't face any control decks, the blue counters never really got used. There are both control decks and the Mono-Blue Storm where the counters are important though. Of course, the format is still very focused on red decks and that's why the Chandra's Defeats proved to be the most important sideboard card in this set of matches. Spit the Flame was also quite good as another removal option against the bigger creatures decks like Zombies and Steel Leaf Stompy.

This deck wants the ability to go heavy on removal in the creature matchups, and then use the bigger Dragons and planeswalkers take over the late game. Grixis Dragons has picked up popularity within the past couple weeks, from essentially not existing before Core Set 2019. Keep an eye out for this one, the Dragon synergy is no joke!

Thanks for reading,

Seth Manfield