Zendikar Rising will be landfalling onto tabletops this Friday, September 25th. If you need some help fetching the best of the set, this guide will help you find your preferred version of any card, either as a single on the TCGplayer Marketplace or within sealed Zendikar Rising products.

If you don't care about the new treatments, like extended art and showcases, you can browse the entire set.

TCGplayer Set Name: Zendikar Rising

Standard cards numbered 1/280 through 280/280 are your main set items. The cards we know and love in all the normal locations, and a few more:

TCGplayer Set Name: Zendikar Rising

Full-bleed art on planeswalker and pathway cards numbered 281-289 (with no denominator) can be pulled from:

You asked for fetch lands and well, these are the fetch lands!

TCGplayer Set Name: Zendikar Rising Expeditions

Cards numbered 001-030 with set abbreviation ZNE can be found ONLY in the below locations:

Take a trip to Zendikar with colorful poster-like snapshots of the plane and creatures in Zendikar Rising's Showcase series.

TCGplayer Set Name: Zendikar Rising

These beautifully designed cards are numbered 290-313 (with no denominator) and can be pulled from the below products:

The most exclusive of the variant treatments for those looking for the extended art bling.

TCGplayer Set Name: Zendikar Rising

Cards are numbered 214-379 (with no denominator) and can be pulled from the below products:

Original Zendikar was the first black-bordered main set to introduce full-art basic lands to highlight the beauty of the plane. Wizards brought these back for Zendikar Rising, but if you're more for classic than chic, they also printed these with the regular cropped art.

TCGplayer Set Name: Zendikar Rising

Regular-crop basics are numbered 280-384 with no denominator and can be found ONLY in the below locations:

Wizards of the Coasts attempts to level the playing field when it comes to their Buy-a-Box promo card. They've removed the idea of it being mechanically unique, and instead give us this specially designed alternate Extended Art version of Orah, Skyclave Hierophant. What do you think?

TCGplayer Set Name: Buy-a-Box Promos

Numbered 385, Orah, Skyclave Hierophant features unique extended art only available as the Buy-a-Box promo, and can be received only as this promo:

These decks pack a ton of value! Differentiating themselves from their predecessors (Planeswalker Decks), all non-Zendikar Rising reprints have received a special update to new set symbols and abbreviations.

TCGplayer Set Name: Commander: Zendikar Rising

New, unique cards numbered 001-006 and non-ZNR reprints with set abbreviation ZNC can be found in the below locations:

Throwback! With a 25% chance to be in the final slot of Zendikar Rising Set Boosters, the cards from The List promise a trip down memory lane. Featuring a reprint planeswalker symbol, these cards have the potential to be money

TCGplayer Set Name: The List

Cards from The List can be found in the below location from Zendikar Rising, but Living Death (Masters 25), Boros Challenger (Guilds of Ravnica), and Snubhorn Sentry (Rivals of Ixalan) may also appear in Mystery Booster Packs:

One of my personal favorite collector items are the Art Cards. Ever stare into the art of your favorite card, and almost miss a trigger? Don't worry, we feel you. Wizards hires some of the best of the best artists in the industry. Found only in the Zendikar Rising Set Boosters, gotta collect 'em all!

TCGplayer Set Name: Art Series: Zendikar Rising

Cards feature full art on the front with card information on the back can be found in the below locations:

An absolute unit of a crab, Charix, the Raging Isle will make your opponents pay for laughing at your Crab-Fish-tribal Commander deck...

TCGplayer Set Name: Unique and Miscellaneous Promos

Numbered 386, Charix, the Raging Isle(ZNR Bundle) can be found in the below locations:

Make a million tokens, turn 'em sideways… and do it with style.

TCGplayer Set Name: Zendikar Rising

Token faces are the same as the Main set, but are double-sided, foil, and can be found ONLY in the below locations:

Special silver-stamped cards and dark frames will help your cards stand out from the rest as you throw them down onto the battlefield… just make sure to tap all the appropriate mana first… 

TCGplayer Set Name: Promo Pack: Zendikar Rising

Cards for this promo pack will include:

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