According to sources on Reddit, Instagram, and other websites, basic lands with art by the legendary landscape painter and television personality Bob Ross have shown up on MTG Arena. These basic lands are rumored to be part of a Secret Lair drop slated for Cyber Monday, which falls on November 30th this year.

Ten basic lands on Magic: Arena with art by Bob Ross (note: shown with two basic lands with art by Bob Eggleton). Source: Reddit

Bob Ross, a famous painter with an iconic and extensive repertoire, was a mainstay on television between January of 1983 and May of 1994 with his program, The Joy of Painting. In this show, Ross created stunning, yet tranquil landscapes in oil. A seasoned United States Air Force veteran, Ross calmly taught the audience how to paint along with him. The show won three Emmy awards and cemented Ross as one of the first people that we think of when considering landscape painting nowadays. Bob Ross passed away in 1995 at the young age of 42.

A photograph of Bob Ross and many of his oil paintings. Source: The New Yorker

Because Bob Ross is so cherished, there has been some demand for a Bob Ross product for Magic: The Gathering. After all, every land in the game has landscape art, and many landscape artists today, in Magic: The Gathering and elsewhere, owe their original inspiration to Ross. Imagine our surprise in finding out that Bob Ross's art has been found on MTG Arena in not one, but two sets of basic lands!

When this discovery was posted on Reddit, it received mixed reactions. However, most of the negativity came from the fact that Secret Lair as a product concept was something these people do not like. None of it was directed against Ross or his style of painting. Furthermore, speculation was raised as to when players could expect a physical release of these cards. After all, the Secret Lair has not yet been officially confirmed. However, on Instagram, user TheMTGFinanceGuy has posited that five new Secret Lairs will drop on Cyber Monday, according to sources he claims are legitimate. This includes the Bob Ross basic lands.

We are excited to see what Wizards of the Coast will actually do with these lands. A Secret Lair drop seems all-the-more likely now that they've been shown on MTG Arena. These are sure to become valuable collectibles down the line, and set an intriguing precedent. It is interesting to ponder what other famous, non-Magic artists' artwork might be present on cards in the future.