Today is Simic Day and I've made a poem for you guys and gals to celebrate it!

To my knowledge, Simic doesn't have a national holiday. Doesn't mean we can't just invent one though! So today, on February the 17th, I decree this day, Simic Day! It is a day of celebration, evolution, ramping, drawing cards, and of course, taking all the turns! And oh boy do I have a treat for you!

Today I'm going to be doing something a little different. I will be presenting you with two Simic decks that I've been testing over the past couple of weeks and then I will follow each one up with a video deck tech. I've been posting screenshots of game states with these decks on Twitter and Facebook so I'm sure some of you are ready to see the list and what the deck does. If you want to see a video with matches of either deck, make sure to leave a comment saying so.

So without further ado let us celebrate with our first deck!


If you followed my past articles you'll remember me talking about this deck and playing it. It was my go-to ramp deck and I loved it. Not only was it fun but it was also really, really good. After Oath of the Gatewatch hit Standard, however, the deck didn't really gain anything. I tried Crush of Tentacles, Oath of Nissa, maindeck Sylvan Advocate, Sphinx of the Final Word, all sorts of colorless cards, and just kept landing empty. The only card I really liked was Oath of Jace. Oath of Jace synergizes well with the deck. It binds the deck together in some ways and I'll explain that in the deck tech. So make sure to watch it to get an understanding of everything!

The other deck I wanted to talk about is another Simic deck. It is more focused on taking turns.


A couple of days ago Melissa DeTora had an article about taking extra turns in Standard and Modern. While both of the lists are trying to take extra turns they are fundamentally different. DeTora's list isn't ramping at all, her list is more of a Planeswalker control deck with extra turns, removal, and the big bomb of Narset, Enlightened Master. They are both fun and strong decks, but they work on different axes. All the Turns can very much be a combo-esque deck since it will also kill your opponent with a huge swing when it starts "going off."

Regardless if you want to take multiple turns or cast Ugin, the Spirit Dragon and make a bunch of 8/8 Krakens, make sure to check out the video deck tech!

I hope you've enjoyed this style of writing. It is a little new to me but hopefully it has helped you understand the decks and their interactions. If you'd like to see some games with either list please let me know and I can hopefully arrange that for some time in the future if it's wanted enough.

So Happy Simic Day and as always, thanks for reading… and watching!

Until next time,
Ali Aintrazi