As usual, the holiday season has sneaked up on us all (I hope it's not just me!), and gift-giving deadlines are right around the corner. Odds are, you have at least one or two Pokémon aficionados in your inner circle. How can you make sure your present hits the mark?

Fortunately, there are a few different ways to approach finding the perfect gift for your Poké-player, whether it's cards, collectibles, or a combination of both. Use the "who", "what" and "why" of the products below to get you started!

1. Charizard

What it is: a Rare with abilities that grant players insight into their deck...oh, and 100+ damage

Who it's for: players with a fiery streak, fans of the original Pokémon characters

Why it's great: Let's start things off simple. Charizard is arguably the best Pokémon of them all, with some excellent cards in its long TCG history, and this new one is no exception. The Vivid Voltage edition of this famous firebreather makes a great addition to both decks and collections.

2. Vivid Voltage Booster Pack

What it is: 10 random cards

Who it's for: literally anyone

Why it's great: What's better than one Pokémon card? 10 Pokémon cards! This assortment from the game's newest set release comes with so many benefits, my favorite of which is that you're not technically responsible for what's inside. (As my grandma would say, "They get what they get and they don't throw a fit.") That said, by now we've seen what Vivid Voltage contains, and we know that they just might pull something awesome. As an easy way to enhance this present, don't stop at one pack. (Honestly, who can stop at just one?) Give your loved one the opportunity to open another...and another...and another!

3. Let's Play Pokémon TCG Box

What it is:

Who it's for: kids, younger siblings, friends who love Pokémon but never tried the TCG

Why it's great: This tried-and-true classic is perfect for teaching new players how to navigate the game. It features well-known characters (Eevee and Pikachu), and the 2 decks are set up to be a guaranteed even match. As an added bonus, once your player evolves beyond beginner gameplay, they can easily deconstruct these premade decks for parts, and remake them all their own!

4. Leon (Secret)

What it is: a Supporter who buffs a player's attacks by an additional 30 damage

Who it's for: collectors, longtime players

Why it's great: Despite the name, it's no secret that this card checks a few key boxes. Colorful? Absolutely. Utilitarian? Even more so! Keep your player on the cutting edge with the latest version of Leon.

5. Fall 2020 Collector's Chest Tin

What it is:

Who it's for: collectors, people who wear their Pokémon allegiance on their sleeves

Why it's great: This box of goodies is essentially a Poké-pinata of fun stuff (check out our staff review for a closer look), and the container itself is a neat collectible. Cards alone are great, but with this gift, they're just the beginning!