Hi there! DJ Johnson here, and I'm going to be bringing you a short video detailing some of the commons and uncommons that might be worth more than you'd expect.

Fatal Push and Blossoming Defense are examples of premium uncommons that are legal in Standard right now, but the value still exists if you're willing to dig back further into previous blocks. If you want to extract the most value out of your collection, it can certainly be worth sifting through your cards to see if you have any of these laying around.

Today, I want to focus on some hidden gems from Theros block. As 2013 creeps further into the past, bulk from this set becomes a little harder to find. While it doesn't hold the treasures of older sets like Shadowmoor or Zendikar, there's still plenty of gems worth pulling out of this Greek-themed block. Let's get started!

Burnished Hart costs a good chunk of mana to get going, but it's one of the few tools that non-green decks have in Commander for fetching basic lands directly into play. With a Market Price of around 50 cents, you can sell these to some stores for 10-15 cents apiece. I personally jam this in my Marchesa, the Black Rose deck because giving it a +1/+1 counter feels great.

An interesting cycle from Born of the Gods are the "Archetypes," enchantment creatures that make certain keyword abilities completely one-sided. While the green and white versions generally command a premium over the rest, all five are worth pulling from your bulk. The average TCGplayer buylist value on Archetype of Courage is 28 cents!

Lifegain and +1/+1 counters are two time-honored casual tribes, so what do you get when you combine them? Sunbond. While I'd personally prefer to slam this on an Oloro and start attacking, this uncommon fits into a multitude of casual decks even though it's never seen competitive play. You can buylist these for 10-15 cents regularly!

Again with the life gain cards… Nyx-Fleece Ram has been a premium uncommon ever since it was a Standard legal sideboard staple to wall aggressive red decks, but it's never really fallen below $1 retail. If you have a pile of Journey into Nyx cards collecting dust in your basement, you might want to sheer the wool off that bulk by picking these. No? Ba-a-a-ad pun? Alright, moving on.

Here we arrive at our first competitive card. Springleaf Drum has always been great at turning Memnite and friends into pseudo- Birds of Paradise, and giving Robots/Affinity decks truly explosive hands. While the reprint in Born of the Gods squished the price down initially, it's since climbed back up to the previous dollar uncommon status. You can buylist these right now for between 30-35 cents, depending on which store you sell to.

While Gray Merchant of Asphodel "AKA: Gary" was a true terror through its Standard tenure, it's still a pick for today's Commander crowd. Even though I can usually only get five cents on these a piece, it's a staple in mono-black Commander decks, works with zombie tribal, and I can always count on finding a good old stack of these in Theros bulk to make him worth my while.

Searing Blood, or "Oh sweet heavens, my hand is made of molten cheese", is another quality competitive pick from Born of the Gods. It sometimes makes its way into Modern burn lists, although not quite often enough to command the price tag that its' cousin Searing Blaze does. I like to have these on hand when they're asked for at the shop, so pick them and sell them to people like me for ten cents a piece when you find them in your bulk!

While Theros block doesn't have any $3 Hedron Crabs or Sage of Fables, it's still definitely worth picking through. Even if you don't have plans to buylist a hundred copies of Gray Merchant to a store, you can still save yourself money on your own personal Commander decks or Standard lists by taking advantage of trade-in, or using the cards you pull from bulk for your own decks!

Thanks for joining me on this trip through Theros! Let me know if you have any feedback in the comments, or if there's a specific block or time period you'd like me to focus on. Be sure to subscribe to the channel and follow TCGplayer for more finance, strategy, and gameplay. See you next time!