When Yishan McNabb took Golden Castle Gren Maju all the way to the Finals at YCS Portland the entire Yugiverse was pretty surprised. Was it genius? Was it a fluke? It was really unclear if the strategy would have legs or if it would become one of the greatest one-hit wonders of dueling history.

Fast forward to YCS Niagara Falls a month later and we saw David Mendoza win the entire event with a very different deck that also centered on Gren Maju. While both builds played Gren Maju and Gizmek Orochi, the Serpentron Sky Slasher, plus a few similar spell cards, they were actually hugely different decks. What did they have in common and where did they change things up? And why? Doug has the answers in today's featured video.

What do you think - now that the cat's out of the bag, can Mendoza's style of Danger Gren Maju deck survive? Let us know, down in the comments.