If you've been on Youtube anytime in the last few years, chances are you know who Logan Paul is. On Friday, October 9th, Logan Paul made a huge splash in the Pokemon TCG community when he opened a 1st Edition Base Set Pokemon Box. Over 7 million views later, the Pokemon TCG community is still dealing with the after-effects of the video (including a mad dash to find another box for Logan), but if you're unsure of what this means, today's video has everything you need! TwicebakedJake goes over the pulls from $200k Box, as well as what this might mean for the future of the hobby. If you're looking to get caught up with all of this weekend's exciting news, check out the video below!

It seems like it is a great time to be a part of the Pokemon community! Additionally, if you haven't been able to pick up a Champion's Path Elite Trainer Box, you might be in luck - Champion's Path and Hidden Fates Elite Trainer Boxes are believed to be reprinted this year, making it much easier to get your hands on these products! This holiday season is going to be packed to the brim with plenty of Pokemon products for both collectors and players. For more videos like this, make sure you check out TwicebakedJake's channel at TwicebakedJake on Youtube for more Market Watch videos and Pokemon Mystery Box openings!