Tomorrow marks the TCG release of Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon, which has already become the 'Big Bad' in competitive Yu-Gi-Oh. Most players are struggling to find ways around Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon and have been looking to Kaiju to remove them from the board. But playing Kaijus means you have to run additional cards that are only there to handle Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon, and you still leave your opponent with a monster!

In today's video, Yacine gives you the inside track on the best tricks to handle Dragoon, without sacrificing efficiency. If you've been wondering how you can fight this terrifying boss monster, check out the video below!

Yacine does an excellent job of showing you plenty of ways to handle Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon, and still have a deck that can contend with the big strategies in modern Yu-Gi-Oh. Magnarokket dragon, Sky Striker Ace - Hayate, and Doomking Balerdroch can all adapt to handle Red-Eyes Dark DragoonRed-Eyes Dark Dragoon negate effect is definitely powerful, but with Yacine's guidance, you can turn Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon into just another card in your opponent's graveyard.