Who doesn't love alternate arts? I know I do! Especially those pretty fairy tale Showcases from Throne of Eldraine... But let's look at Core Set 2021—specifically Teferi, Master of Time. Not including any non-English cards, there are 17 versions of this Teferi, Master of Time!

I don't know if this is a collector's dream or their worst nightmare, but your friendly neighborhood SquidlyNerd is here to help you identify the difference.

The art is almost exactly the same (excluding the borderless version), so the main thing you'll look for is the collector's number.

Standard Versions

Other than the slight color variations in the artwork, the only difference is the collector numbers.

Collector Numbers: 075 / 257 / 276 / 277

[[image-embed url="https://mktg-assets.tcgplayer.com/content/magic/2021/06/13/Teferi-Master-of-Time-075.jpg" img-size="card" alt-text="Standard 075"]]

[[image-embed url="https://mktg-assets.tcgplayer.com/content/magic/2021/06/13/Teferi-Master-of-Time-275.jpg" img-size="card" alt-text="Standard 275"]]

[[image-embed url="https://mktg-assets.tcgplayer.com/content/magic/2021/06/13/Teferi-Master-of-Time-276.jpg" img-size="card" alt-text="Standard 276"]]

[[image-embed url="https://mktg-assets.tcgplayer.com/content/magic/2021/06/13/Teferi-Master-of-Time-277.jpg" img-size="card" alt-text="Standard 277"]]

Showcase Versions

These cards have transparent title and creature-type boxes, so you can see more of the background art through them. As with the standard cards, the collector's number is what you'll look for.

Collector Numbers: 290 / 291 / 292 / 293

[[image-embed url="https://mktg-assets.tcgplayer.com/content/magic/2021/06/13/Teferi-Master-of-Time-290.jpg" img-size="card" alt-text="Showcase 290"]]

[[image-embed url="https://mktg-assets.tcgplayer.com/content/magic/2021/06/13/Teferi-Master-of-Time-291.jpg" img-size="card" alt-text="Showcase 291"]]

[[image-embed url="https://mktg-assets.tcgplayer.com/content/magic/2021/06/13/Teferi-Master-of-Time-292.jpg" img-size="card" alt-text="Showcase 292"]]

[[image-embed url="https://mktg-assets.tcgplayer.com/content/magic/2021/06/13/Teferi-Master-of-Time-293.jpg" img-size="card" alt-text="Showcase 293"]]

Borderless Version

This is the easiest version to identify since it's the only one with no border. The current Market Price is around $15. Without the border, the edges are slightly more prone to scuffing, so if you're looking to collect or sell, I recommend slipping this Teferi, Master of Time into a penny sleeve.

Collector Number: 281

[[image-embed url="https://mktg-assets.tcgplayer.com/content/magic/2021/06/13/Teferi-Master-of-Time-281.jpg" img-size="card" alt-text="Borderless 281"]]

Prerelease Versions

Prerelease cards are given to players that pay to participate in a set's Prerelease Tournament, or Prerelease Packs can be purchased. These cards can be identified by the gold stamping in the lower corner of the artwork with the date of the set's prerelease event.

Collector Numbers: 075 / 275 / 276 / 277

[[image-embed url="https://mktg-assets.tcgplayer.com/content/magic/2021/06/13/Teferi-Master-of-Time-Promo-75s.jpg" img-size="card" alt-text="Prerelease 075"]]

[[image-embed url="https://mktg-assets.tcgplayer.com/content/magic/2021/06/13/Teferi-Master-of-Time-Promo-275s.jpg" img-size="card" alt-text="Prerelease 275"]]

[[image-embed url="https://mktg-assets.tcgplayer.com/content/magic/2021/06/13/Teferi-Master-of-Time-Promo-276s.jpg" img-size="card" alt-text="Prerelease 276"]]

[[image-embed url="https://mktg-assets.tcgplayer.com/content/magic/2021/06/13/Teferi-Master-of-Time-Promo-277s.jpg" img-size="card" alt-text="Prerelease 277"]]

Promo Pack Versions

For M21, Promo Packs were given with the purchase of a prerelease pack, and included four cards. These ones are identified by the silver Planeswalker symbol printed in the lower corner of the art.

Collector Numbers: 075 / 275 / 276 / 277

[[image-embed url="https://mktg-assets.tcgplayer.com/content/magic/2021/06/13/Teferi-Master-of-Time-Promo-75p.jpg" img-size="card" alt-text="Promo Pack 075"]]
[[image-embed url="https://mktg-assets.tcgplayer.com/content/magic/2021/06/13/Teferi-Master-of-Time-Promo-275p.jpg" img-size="card" alt-text="Promo Pack 275"]]
[[image-embed url="https://mktg-assets.tcgplayer.com/content/magic/2021/06/13/Teferi-Master-of-Time-Promo-276p.jpg" img-size="card" alt-text="Promo Pack 276"]]
[[image-embed url="https://mktg-assets.tcgplayer.com/content/magic/2021/06/13/Teferi-Master-of-Time-Promo-277p.jpg" img-size="card" alt-text="Promo Pack 277"]]

Now that you can tell the difference, are you gonna collect them all?

Thanks for reading!
<3 Squid