Throne of Eldraine was the first set WotC started printing Showcase cards—those super pretty cards with variant frames and art styles embodying the theme of their set. Throne got an art-nouveau style, Theros: Beyond Death depicted the gods as constellations, and Ikoria had a comic book style for its big beasties. Strixhaven: School of Mages is changing things up a little with the new Mystical Archive.

What are your chances of getting a Mystical Archive card? You can expect one in every draft and set booster, three in each collector booster (although the etched foils will only be found in collector boosters). And there's a bonus—the Archive cards get their own slot in the packs, so they won't be replacing another card of that rarity (unlike previous showcase cards)!

Let me tell you, those etched foils are tricky—they might be a little harder to identify than the etched foils from Commander Legends. You're not going to want to mistake them for other cards in the Archive. Let's take a look at the differences, so you can get the most accurate pricing for what you open, or make sure you get the version you ordered.

Non Foil

Non foil Archive cards will have the variant frame and art styles, but they won't have the overlay that makes it shiny.

Full Foil

These cards will have the special overlay that makes the card shiny when light hits it.

Etched Foil

These are the tricky ones! They'll look very similar to the non foils, BUT when you tilt them, there will be a shiny texture in the framing of the card. The English version has the etching in the gold parts of the frame. The Japanese version's texture is around the textbox (in the colors that correspond to the card's colors!).

And there you have it. Another easy peasy, taco cheesy guide from your friendly neighborhood SquidlyNerd.

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