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Wednesday, April 15th

Ikoria comes to Arena tomorrow! If you're not sure what to play, Yoman5 has you covered— he's already brewed FIFTY decks for the new meta. Check out his article where he highlights his favorite lists, then hop over to his Twitch stream to see them in action.


The companion creatures can act like a bonus general in Commander if you're able to build around them. For tips on how to stack your command zone, watch The Commander's Quarters video on the best commanders to pair with each playable companion.


Tuesday, April 14th


Card evaluation is hard, and sometimes a spell or land slips through the cracks. When that happens, we turn to Dev of Strictly Better MTG.

Tomorrow will be the Ikoria Early Access even on MTG Arena! AliasV is ready with a few decks to wreck, so if you want to see her test the new cards, tune in to her stream on Wednesday.












Monday, April 13th


Mark Nestico highlights his favorite new commanders from Ikoria.

Jess Estephan hypothesizes that Inspired Ultimatum could make non-Fires of Invention Jeskai decks a real force in Standard, thanks to the protection offered by fun-cop Teferi, Time Raveler.


Friday, April 10th


Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths is now fully spoiled!

Nick Prince analyzes the removal options that will define Ikoria Standard.

After making us wait until the very last day, Wizards finally shows us the lands that are supposed to enable three-color strategies in Standard. Our first impression: they just might pull it off.

Compared to the cycle of tri-color lands from Khans of Tarkir, the Triomes have two major advantages. Most obviously, they cycle away when you don't need them, which means you have more live topdecks in the late game. But they also have the basic land types that go with their colors, which opens a whole host of possibilities.

You can find them with fetch lands. They let the Castles of Throne of Eldraine enter play untapped. They work with shadow lands and check lands.

These are probably the most pushed tri-color lands in the history of Magic. That's not saying very much, but it will be exciting to see what kinds of decks they enable in practice.

Thursday, April 9th

The companions don't stop coming! Zirda, the Dawnwalker is a spicy little firefox that enables more infinite combos than you shake a stick at (one example: Izzet Guildmage, Manamorphose and Zirda draw your whole deck while making one mana for every card you draw). A combo piece that starts in your hand seems incredibly dangerous, but maybe it's balanced by its three-mana casting cost and the fact that it dies to creature removal?

While Commander players are stocking up on Basalt Monolith, Yoman5 has slapped together a Zirda combo deck for Standard as part of his 50-deck challenge.



In his article this morning, Seth Manfield highlights the multicolor Ikoria cards that have the best shot of seeing competitive play in Standard.

Skycat Sovereign joins a short list of "flying matters" creatures from across the history of Magic, including Empyrean Eagle, Thunderclap Wyvern and the card's spiritual ancestor Pride of the Clouds. While dedicated flying-synergy decks haven't been competitive historically, Empyrean Eagle is strong enough to see play in Pioneer Spirit decks.

Hopefully Catwings will find a home too—or, maybe an extra beater and token maker was all that Favorable Winds decks needed to take off in Pioneer. We'll see!

Wednesday, April 8th

Nick Prince covers TCGplayer's exclusive preview card and the significance of the Ultimatum cycle returning in Ikoria.

Jess Estephan unveils her own preview card and looks at ways to turn its drawback into another benefit.


Yoman5 explains how to get the most value from the "mutate" mechanic and highlighted the best mutate cards we've seen so far.


Flashy spells, big creatures, these are easy to understand. More tricky is The Ozolith, a one-mana Legendary Artifact that manipulates counters on creatures. Dev looks at payoffs for moving counters, with just a brief tangent about Final Fantasy VII.


Tuesday, April 7th

If you're just joining us now, the latest episode of Duels, Decks and Discourse will catch you up to speed.

Jon Corpora chose to start this morning's Zoom meeting by writing "Lurrus will be banned" on the whiteboard behind him.

Companion was a lot cuter when the cards all sucked

— jon corpora (@feb31st) April 7, 2020

Like Lutri, the Spellchaser, Lurrus's "drawback" for being your companion is trivial to achieve in certain formats. The only difference is that those formats are Vintage and Legacy instead of Commander. Even worse, any low-to-the-ground white or black strategy in any format will want Lurrus as an "extra" card in hand that helps recover against sweepers.

Time will tell if losing a sideboard slot is a steep enough cost to balance Lurrus and keep it from being ubiquitous. Right now, that seems unlikely.

If you follow Magic and don't know who Seb McKinnon is, now's the time to correct that.

Seb is behind some of the most gorgeous, evocative art we've seen in recent sets, including Growth Spiral and Allure of the Unknown, but until Ikoira all his Magic art has been digital in medium. For the Mythos cycle of spells, Seb wanted to do something different. To capture the texture of a cave painting, he went outside and painted with acrylics on birchwood.

You should read his whole Twitter thread on the creation of Mythos of Nethroi, but here's the finished product. We can't wait to see the final card of the cycle.

Monday, April 6th



Yes, this is indeed Sharknado: The Card. Besides being a meme in cardboard form, Shark Typhoon is also a powerful, flexible blue card that could find a home in the same blue-green ramp decks that already play Hydroid Krasis. After all, if Jellyfish can fly, why not Sharks?

Dev of Strictly Better MTG breaks it down.


For the first time ever, the Commander Rules Committee banned a card that had never seen play before. The Commander's Quarters explains why.

Godzilla is now a Magic card! Or rather, several cards.

Eighteen cards from Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths will have a special showcase treatment of a Toho kaiju, available as box toppers and in Collector Boosters (An additional card, Zilortha, Strength Incarnate, will only be printed in its showcase version as Godzilla, King of the Monsters).

However, one card will end up having a much more limited Godzilla Series run.

Acknowledging that "corona" has a different meaning in a world where billions of people have been affected by COVID-19, Wizards has opted to change the name of Spacegodzilla, Death Corona to Spacegodzilla, Void Invader on Arena. The first paper printing of Ikoria will contain the Spacegodzilla, Death Corona version.